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  • Society, Health and Community

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  • Child Development for Educators

    CUR-EDC135 | Undergraduate

    Gain an overview of human development from conception to early adolescence. Interpret aspects of development related to age—exploring how the interactions between the child, caregivers, home and school impact children's development.

  • Gain exposure to technology enhanced resources used to support teaching. Evaluate the complexities of the digital world and its impact on education. Sample a range of teaching and learning resources relevant to your development as an educator.

  • Individual Determinants of Health

    LTU-PHE102 | Undergraduate

    Learn how different characteristics, including intelligence and personality, impact on people’s health and welfare. Study fundamental health psychology theories and concepts, and their application in the social services and healthcare sectors.Learn about the human lifespan—the health and behaviour of newborns to the elderly in real settings.

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  • Understanding Social Problems

    GRF-CCJ18 | Undergraduate

    Comprehend crime in a social context. Foster an understanding of the dynamic relationship between the individual and society. Apply these perspectives to social problems in everyday life: illegal drug use, domestic violence, terrorism and pollution.

  • Health and Physical Education

    CUR-EDP255 | Undergraduate

    Appreciate the factors that dictate the importance of health and physical education within the curriculum. Gain knowledge of children's physical and social development to instill positive attitudes towards personal health and activity in learners.

  • Sociology of Crime

    GRF-CCJ27 | Undergraduate

    Comprehend major 19th and 20th century theories of crime, their historical antecedents and ideological dimensions. In particular, investigate street and white-collar crime, and violence between inmates. Apply criminological theories to social research.

  • The Social World

    USA-SOCU1008 | Undergraduate

    Think about how modern society was formed, and why it has become the way it has. Look at social change with a critical lens. Analyse contemporary issues around globalisation and post-industrialisation. Rethink gender, race and education.

  • Sociological Perspectives

    USA-SOCU1007 | Undergraduate

    Study the works of sociological theorists such as Marx, Durkheim, Weber, the Frankfurt School, Bauman, and Butler. Think critically about issues in their theories. Think about how theories apply in modern life.

  • Politics and Citizenship in Australia

    USA-POLI1019 | Undergraduate

    Gain an awareness of Australian political culture and its historical context. Learn the structure and processes of government in Australia. Think critically about major current political issues and debates in the news today. 

  • Contemporary Aboriginal Issues

    USA-HUMS1059 | Undergraduate

    Examine contemporary issues and historical documents on the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Study the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families.