IT & computer science courses

Innovate & transform with technology

Technology and information drives business, industry, communication, and entertainment. Become the expert that creates and maintains the systems and processes that all fields rely on.

  • Get technical with programming, database design, security and networks.
  • Get strategic with big data, business intelligence and information architecture.
  • Get creative with digital design, social media, and interactive entertainment.

Shape your world. Influence and enhance interactions between people and information. Harness your creative intelligence and become the expert who designs and sustains technology and information essentials.

David studied information systems with Swinburne University through Open Universities Australia

IT & computer science degrees

Undergraduate USA-BDA-ADG-2023

Associate Degree in Data Analytics

Postgraduate TUA-CSA-MAS-2023

Master of Cybersecurity (Advanced)

Undergraduate LAT-TEC-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Information Technology

Postgraduate CSU-ADC-GCE-2023

Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science

Undergraduate CSU-TEC-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Information Technology

Undergraduate TUA-CSE-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Cybersecurity

IT & computer science subjects

Undergraduate UNE-ICT101-2023

From Logic to Data Processing

Undergraduate UNE-COSC260-2023

Web Programming

Undergraduate USA-INFS3080-2023

Data Visualisation

Undergraduate UNE-COSC240-2023

Operating Systems

Undergraduate UNE-COSC120-2023

Object Oriented Programming

Undergraduate UNE-COSC101-2023

Software Development Studio 1

Postgraduate SWI-STA60005-2023

Statistical Practice 2

How to become an IT and computer science professional

Code your future as an indispensable expert.

Study technology and information and develop an adaptable and highly portable skillset. Get tech-ready for the workplace.

Collaborate with virtual communities and network with social media. Get enterprising and navigate information and business systems, analyse data, curate and archive records, design digital assets and platforms. Secure networks or design software. Critically analyse complex business issues and adopt new technology. Connect to people and places and navigate cloud computing, mobile learning, and wearable technology. 

The tech industry is growing, the roles are evolving. Get informed about a range of transformative careers in this space and charge up your future. 

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