IT security specialist

Develop and maintain secure database management systems for organisations.

Duties and tasks

  • Consider future networking requirements and making applicable recommendations
  • Diagnosing and repairing hardware and software malfunctions
  • Ensuring that networks perform optimally
  • Ensuring upgrades are handled including items like debugging and tracking
  • Handling preventative backups and other maintenance tasks
  • Maintaining the architecture of databases and corresponding structures and tables
  • Meeting with vendors who handle security issues and supplies and installing and maintaining the necessary software
  • Taking care of guidelines, policies and procedures

Skills required

  • Ability to understand complex problems and how to find their solutions
  • Comprehending new information and using it to solve problems and determine the best relevant outcomes
  • Considering and seeking to improve ones own performance as well as that of other individuals
  • Thinking critically and using logic in order to find solutions to issues that arise
  • Troubleshooting skills

Working conditions

IT Security Specialists will typically work full-time in an office environment. The job is usually full-time and can also include outside work going to tech exhibitions to learn about new technologies. They may need to work late nights and even weekends. In order to stay knowledgeable on new developments, they need to continuously train.

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