Linesperson (Electrical)

Electrical Linespersons perform a variety of tasks associated with electrical distribution systems. They install, repair and operate networks and should have knowledge of electrical systems and operations.

Duties and tasks

  • Ensure that electrical supplies and public lighting are maintained.
  • Fix electrical equipment and overhead lines.
  • Install and provide maintenance on aerial equipment and underground cables and wires.
  • Perform low and high-voltage cable joints and terminations.
  • Plan the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment such as conductors and transformers as well as the hardware associated with electrical supply.
  • Repair damages or failures of electrical materials.
  • Use a variety of equipment including elevated platforms and drills, wires, cables, etc. while maintaining health and safety standards.

Skills required

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Manual Agility
  • Precision
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Strong Attention to Detail

Working conditions

Electrical Linespersons typically work Mondays to Fridays but may be required to work evenings or weekends if maintenance or installations are scheduled or if an emergency arises. They must do some light travelling to installation and operating electrical sites.

Professional associations / Industry information

Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board 

Energy Networks Association

Energy Safe Victoria 

The Electrical, Utilities & Public Administration Council Inc (EUPA) 

Workplace Standards Tasmania 

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