How to become a civil engineering draftsperson

Create mechanical drawings and help civil engineers plan, sketch, design and operate production.

What does a civil engineering draftsperson do?

Civil engineering draftspersons create mechanical drawings or blueprints and help civil engineers plan, sketch, design, and operate production. They should have strong research and organisational abilities and be able to multi-task.

Duties and tasks

  • Choose proper equipment and crew for particular job specifications.
  • Draft drawings, blueprints, diagrams and plans for civil engineering projects including sewage and draining systems, dams and water provisions, dams, bridges, roads, etc.
  • Evaluate construction sites and materials and gather information for weight and measurement requirements
  • Manage fieldwork operations and oversee progress.
  • Prepare estimated budgets for civil engineering project costs.
  • Supervise production and ensure that projects are meeting correct dimensions, regulations and provisions of the contract.
  • Survey civil engineering sites and plan repair work and maintenance.

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