How to become a surveyor

Define land boundaries using mapping, geography, data and measurements skills to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers.

Pathways to this career

  1. Study a surveying degree, majoring in spatial science, geospatial science or geographical information systems.
  2. Complete your practical training hours, as required by your state.
  3. Pass industry specific exams set out by your state's surveyor board.
  4. Register to become a licensed surveyor.

What does a surveyor do?

Surveyors adjust and operate surveying instruments, compile notes, and enter data into computer programs. Surveyors also prepare maps and plans.

Duties and tasks

  • Collect information needed to conduct new surveys.
  • Conduct surveys to pinpoint the locations of natural features and man-made structures.
  • Gather information necessary to stake projects for construction.
  • Maintain equipment and vehicles used for the purpose of surveying.
  • Perform manual labour, such as cutting branches and carrying equipment.
  • Review preliminary sketches, drawings and specifications.
  • Utilise a computer program to store data, make inquiries and produce reports.

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