Law & justice

Your future in the criminal justice system starts here

Seek justice on behalf of others or help make the world a safer place. From criminology and terrorism to commercial law, investigate reasons that motivate people to commit crimes, assess rehabilitation or examine the criminal justice system.

Judge cyber security measures and debate anti-terrorism protocols. Weigh up security, risks, threats and policy in a constantly changing world. Debate the law. Work with communities and learn ways to reduce or prevent crime. Get strategic gathering intelligence, responding to emergencies and building a culture of national resilience.

Navigate the murky world of global and national terrorism and the challenges society and law makers face to protect communities.

Delve deeper into law & justice interest areas

Justify a satisfying legal career

In a crowded world, careers in law and social justice are on the incline and offer local and global opportunities. 

Influence and protect society and choose from a range of rewarding careers—from corrections, policing or customs, cyber security and policy through to commercial law.


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