Criminal psychology courses

Discover why people plan, commit and think about crime.

What to expect in a criminal psychology degree

A criminal psychology degree will teach you to understand why people make antisocial choices. You’ll learn how to apply key psychological principles to the actions of criminals, while analysing the why, what, how and when behind their decisions.

While criminal psychology is centred on offenders and how they think, you’ll also explore the consequences of criminal behavior. Expect to cover theory and key principles associated with criminology, justice studies and related law, ensuring you graduate with a well-rounded and multidisciplinary understanding of human behaviour, crime and criminal profiling.

Carmen - Studied a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University, through Open Universities Australia.

How to study criminal psychology

We recommend potential students begin their studies with a Bachelor Degree, unless they have existing experience in a similar or related field. Find out more about claiming credit for past experience here.

Once you've established a firm foundation in criminal psychology, you'll need to go on to complete a Masters Degree or doctorate, depending on your chosen pathway.Generally, you can expect to spend seven-to-ten years studying criminal psychology before reaching a one-to-two-year supervised training period.

At this point, you’ll be qualified to receive your certification from the Psychology Board of Australia.

Should you study criminal psychology?

While critical thinking and incisive analysis are silent requirements for jobs in criminal psychology, successful criminal psychology course graduates often decide to focus on helping law enforcement, courts and legal teams understand why people commit crimes.

Interested in exploring crime from the victim’s point of view? Specialise in victimology and learn about the psychological impacts of crime.

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