How to become a legal executive

Work on cases involving property rights, corporate law, wills and trusts and lawsuit cases

What does a legal executive do?

Legal executives deal with cases involving property rights, corporate law, wills and trusts and lawsuit cases. They work on behalf of clients, providing information and regulations as well as representing them in legal action. They should have strong working knowledge of legal practices and stipulations and be able to analyse large amounts of information to advise clients on the best form of action.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse a variety of legal documents such as property sales contracts, mortgage documents, ownership rights, etc.
  • Collect and analyse information from client cases and determine laws, regulations and legal actions to be taken regarding their cases.
  • Compose terms and conditions of property contracts, land taxes and other related matters; draft wills and trusts on behalf of clients.
  • Prepare documents and conduct investigations and interviews to build cases on behalf of clients or businesses.
  • Research and remain informed on relevant changes in the law.
  • Retain accurate and up-to-date legal files of client cases.
  • Work on behalf of clients to determine if there are any planned developments, illegal building or disputes in property ownership where clients have interests.

Industry bodies

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