Police officer

Police Officers work to serve and protect their communities and cooperate with these communities to protect the public, maintain law and order, keep people feeling safe, prevent crime, and protect specific members of the public and their properties. They improve the life for all citizens using various technologies to protect them, to identify criminals, and to ensure those who break the law are prosecuted successfully.

Duties and tasks

  • Attend court and give evidence when necessary
  • Conduct patrol duties on bicycle, by automobile, or on foot
  • Control and diffuse potentially volatile and volatile situations while keeping in mind the safety of the individuals involved
  • Enforce road traffic rules and attend road-related incidents
  • Gather, analyse, and record intelligence to reduce crime and increase community safety
  • Interview witnesses, suspects, and victims
  • Keep the peace at social events, strikes, public meetings, etc.
  • Respond to requests and calls from the public for assistance
  • Submit internal crime reports, present case files
  • Work with individuals in the community and community groups

Skills required

  • A degree in criminal justice is helpful
  • Ability to make sound decisions during stressful events
  • Ability to stay calm and collected in volatile, stressful situations
  • Formal police training (in police academies) is required
  • New police academy graduates must shadow experienced officers for three months to a year

Working conditions

Police Officers work a variety of hours (usually in particular shifts) and can be called in anytime for emergency situations. They work under extreme stress and are often involved in dangerous and potentially dangerous situations with regular citizens and violent criminals.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Defence Association 

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services 

Police NSW

Queensland Police Service 

South Australia Police 

Tasmania Police 

The Police Federation of Australia (PFA) 

Victoria Police 

Western Australia Police 

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