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Protect global citizens against terror by safeguarding security.

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Introduction to Security & counter terrorism

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of global conflict and terrorism, security remains a key measure to counter the threat.

Explore how you can help combat terrorism and prevent the security issues that imperil civilian safety with an online security course.

Explore security & counter terrorism courses
Daniela studied security, terrorism and counter terrorism with Murdoch University through Open Universities Australia

Discover security & counter terrorism courses

Online security & counter terrorism subjects and short courses

Murdoch University


21st Century Security Challenges

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 29 Jul 2024

Enrolments open until 8 Aug

La Trobe University


Cyber Law and Policy

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 29 Jul 2024

Griffith University


Law, Crime and Justice

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 26 Aug 2024

Next enrolment closes 18 Aug

University of South Australia


Policing Investigations and Intelligence

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 16 Sep 2024

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Online security & counter terrorism degrees

Macquarie University


Bachelor of Security Studies

A degree designed in consultation with security industry stakeholders

100% online

3 years full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Murdoch University

Protect our world against threats

100% online

3 years full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Griffith University

Upskill to confidently identify dishonest wealth generation

100% online

6 months full time or part time equivalent

Australian National University

Prevent and reduce crime in the face of growing complexity

100% online

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Discover 113 ways to study security & counter terrorism with leading Australian universities.

Explore security & counter terrorism courses

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Security & counter terrorism study FAQs

What is a security studies course?

A security studies course will teach you about the complex security challenges our government and society face, while providing an understanding of how these threats can be managed.

Security and counter terrorism courses consider security issues on a local, national, and international level, with learning spanning a range of topics, such as:

  • Military security
  • Cyber security
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Economic security

The aim is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to analyse, intercept, and strategise comprehensive solutions to security issues.

Which security course is best for me?

Which security course is best for you depends on the impact you hope to make through your career, and where you’re at in relation to your study goals.

If you aspire to protect the world against the threat of terrorism and extremism, a Bachelor of Global Security focuses on terrorism and counterterrorism, looking at political violence and crimes that cross national borders.

Hope to bolster the security field at a national level as a security analyst? Macquarie University’s Bachelor of Security Studies was designed in consultation with security industry stakeholders to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a range of positions within government and non-government organisations, public and private sectors.

These and many other security and counterterrorism focused undergraduate degrees will prepare you for a career that protects the public from the ever-present threat of security issues and terrorism.

For students looking to build on qualifications already obtained, either within the security and counter terrorism sector or a related field, postgraduate study such as a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis or a Master of Counter Terrorism can help you hone your expertise and reach your career goals.

How long is a security course?

It depends on the course and whether you choose something short or long-term. Here’s a general guide: 

Single subject10-18 weeks
Short course10-18 weeks
Undergraduate certificate6 months (if full time)
Diploma1 year (if full time) 
Associate degree2 years (if full time) 
Bachelor degree3 years (if full time)
Graduate certificate6 months (if full time)
Graduate diploma1 year (if full time)
Masters degree2 years (if full time)

If you study a degree in security through Open Universities Australia, you have the flexibility to choose how many subjects you take per term. This means you can complete your qualification at a faster or slower pace than you would on campus.   

Why should I study security and counter terrorism?

As the threat of terrorism continues to pose a significant challenge for security, there’s an increased need for expertise to understand and address these challenges.

A degree in security and counter terrorism will allow you to comprehend complex security matters, learn how to assess and manage risk, and realise innovative solutions to the real-world problems society faces.

A multi-faceted degree, you’ll also gain expertise that can be applied across both a personal and societal level. At a personal level you’ll develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving, while at a societal level, you’ll gain an appreciation for how stability can bolster society and how appropriate safeguards benefit the public.

Not only will these skills serve you in a career in security and counterterrorism, they will broaden your overall knowledge and employability across multiple sectors.

Why should I study security and counter terrorism online?

When you study security and counter terrorism online, you’ll be able to dissect global scale problems without disruption to your everyday life. That’s the beauty of studying online—you can take small steps on the road to big change while learning on your terms, from leading experts in security issues and counter terrorism efforts. Whether that means watching an online lecture during your lunch break at work or getting comfortable on your couch to take part in a tutorial.

Why should I study online through Open Universities Australia?

There are a lot of reasons to study your course online through us.

  • You can enrol without entry requirements 
    We have a unique open-door policy that makes it possible for everyone to enrol in university study, no matter their academic history. If you don’t meet the entry requirements for a degree, we’ll help you get in through single undergraduate subjects and transition into a qualification from there.
  • You have total control over how you study
    Upskill without committing to a whole degree upfront. Or enrol in a full degree, but take it a subject at a time. We’ll introduce you to flexible study options you didn’t even know about, so you can fit uni around what matters to you.
  • You’ll graduate with the same qualification as an on-campus student
    Once you enrol through us, you’ll study online with the university that provides your degree. This means that when you complete your qualification, you’ll graduate with the same degree as on-campus students.
  • We’ll help you navigate the university world
    Our friendly student advisors will be your guide every step of the enrolment journey. They'll help you compare universities, choose a course, provide documentation and understand your finance options.
What security and counter terrorism jobs can I get once I’m qualified?

There are a range of security and counter terrorism jobs you can pursue once you’re qualified. Here are just some of the potential career options:

Intelligence analyst or officer
Gather data related to threats to national safety. You’ll play a pivotal role in preventing terrorist attacks and extremist actions.

Security consultant
Assess security risks, implement security measures, and provide specialist advice on security matters to key organisations protecting the public.

Law enforcement or defence officer
Protect national security, counter terrorism efforts, and ensure public safety as a law enforcement officer.

Information security analyst
Monitor and protect the digital space from cyber attacks and security breaches, plus develop strategies to respond to and prevent attacks.

Border protection officer
Protect Australia’s borders by identifying and intercepting threats to national security. You’ll conduct border checks and prevent unlawful travel and trade.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a course?

Before starting an enrolment, it’s important to read the entry requirements for your chosen course to ensure that you’re eligible to apply. If you don’t quite meet the requirements, we may be able to help you find a pathway into your course through open-entry subjects, which anyone can study.

Chat with us to find out more.

How do I enrol?

Here at Open Universities Australia, we make enrolling online as straightforward as possible. To get started, find the course for you by browsing the options on this page. You can also compare different qualifications using our handy comparison tool, or request help from one of our student advisors.

When you’ve made your choice, click ‘Apply now’ on the relevant course page and follow the prompts to begin your enrolment. We’ll ask you to supply some supporting documentation, including proof of your identity, your tax file number, and a unique student identifier (USI) during this process.

Your university will get in touch with you via email to confirm whether or not your application has been successful.

Please note that enquiries and applications for some courses are handled directly by the university. If this is the case, it will be indicated on the course listing page.  

For more information about enrolment, read our online self-service enrolling instructions. If you get stuck at any time, reach out to us and we’ll talk you through it.

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