Law & justice courses

Understand crime and law. Strive for fairness and security.

Examine the theories of justice—explore inequality and diversity. Justify rationale behind criminal punishment, protection or privilege.

Secure an understanding of global terrorism concerns. Assess past and present security issues. Master counter terrorism measures, policing and intelligence.

Get critical about risk and threat assessment. Use GIS to track and map crime data. Understand how Australian laws are made, developed and applied. Police criminal behaviour.

Judge crime analysis techniques or reveal human and refugee rights. Build international aid and development skills. Assess the security landscape in the ‘Asian Century’ and identify traditional and emerging threats.

Lisa, Juris Doctor student with RMIT University, through Open Universities Australia.
Lisa studied for her Juris Doctor with RMIT University through Open Universities Australia

Law & justice degrees

Law & justice subjects

Postgraduate RMI-OJD150-2023

Administrative Law

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Undergraduate UNE-LAW207-2023

Water Law and Governance

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Postgraduate UNE-LSSU592-2023

Taxation Law

Undergraduate MUR-POL236-2023

US Policies and Global Security

Undergraduate UNE-CRIM100-2023

Understanding Crime

Undergraduate UNE-CRIM101-2023

The Criminal Justice System

Undergraduate UNE-LAW171-2020

Law of Contract I

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How to become a law and justice professional

Justify a proven career.

Secure your protective and rewarding career. From employment law, international security studies to preventing cyber-attacks; legal, justice and security careers offer a range of specialisations and global opportunities.

Develop careers in a growth sector working for government agencies, industry, NGOs and corporate business.


Improve your career prospects and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations. 

Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB)
Put in place by the Victorian Legal Admissions Committee, VLAB is a statutory body which considers applicants for admission into the legal profession in Victoria. The board follows a strict set of guidelines for assessments, offering accreditation for key legal programs.


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