History and cultural heritage

Bring the past into the present

Dig up dialogue about the history of art, architecture, religion, and literature of ancient civilisations. 

Collect things from faraway places or restore objects and narrate memories. Get critical, research, evaluate and debate. Guide people on historical journeys. Inherit skills translating cultural heritage from Russian literature to Indigenous and visual culture. 

Recall the written words of people, reimagine exotic ancient places or explore Australia’s identity in the 21st century.

Follow a historic course and rediscover the past and compare it to the present.

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Rich, diverse and rewarding careers built on reviving and reliving the past

Preserve yesterday’s memories and relics today or protect sites and landscapes of historic significance for tomorrow. From narrating history to interpreting artefacts, managing a museum or teaching others about the past—resurrect your passion and reinvent a future about the past. 

Study a history major or graduate diploma. Work in tourism, art, recreation or archive a career in museums and curate galleries.