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Learning a language isn’t just about memorising vocabulary, studying grammar and making sense of new sounds. It’s about immersing yourself in another culture. When you find new ways to communicate, the world opens, and you start to see and do things differently.

We’ve partnered with leading Australian universities to offer you the choice to study the language you want, and the flexibility to study how you want:

Get multicultural and multilingual. Communicate with confidence in your chosen language—and pick up a culture’s history and politics along the way.

Fire up your brain, and your career

While we may not have the brain plasticity of a child, it’s absolutely possible to pick up a second (or third, or fourth) language as an adult. Speaking a second language can enhance your career opportunities, and amp up your general brain-power.

If you’re looking to work overseas, or for a multinational within Australia, a second language can really give your CV a boost. Don’t worry if you’re not word perfect when you graduate—employers are looking for conversational ability too. If there’s a particular country or region you’d love to work in, picking up one of the local languages is a smart idea.

When you speak a new language, you also challenge your brain to negotiate a new system. It’s great for problem solving, building your communication skills, and exercising your ability to multi-task.

National languages of Asia

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Gamilaraay - an Indigenous Australian language

Mandarin – used in China, and the world's most spoken native language

Persian - the mother tongue of more than 150 million people in the Middle East

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