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Introduction to Languages

Learning a language isn’t just about memorising vocabulary, studying grammar and making sense of new sounds. It’s about immersing yourself in another culture. When you find new ways to communicate, the world opens, and you start to see and do things differently.

We’ve partnered with leading Australian universities to offer you the choice to study the language you want, and the flexibility to study how you want.

Get multicultural and multilingual. Communicate with confidence in your chosen language—and pick up a culture’s history and politics along the way.

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Antonetta studied languages (Sanskrit) with ANU, through Open Universities Australia

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Online languages subjects and short courses

La Trobe University


Japanese 1

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 04 Mar 2024, 29 Jul 2024

Curtin University


Language and Diversity

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 25 Nov 2024

University of South Australia


Intercultural Communication

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 01 Apr 2024, 16 Sep 2024

University of New England


English Language in Use

100% online

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Starts 26 Feb 2024, 24 Jun 2024, 21 Oct 2024

Enrolments open until 4 Mar

Online languages degrees

University of New England


Diploma in Modern Languages

Explore the world through language and culture

Learn to read, write, and speak in another language. Choices include Italian, Japanese, French, and more. Includes cultural studies for a well-rounded knowledge of your chosen language. Future-proof your career, prepare for travel. Unlock opportunities. 

100% online

1 year full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Available majors

  • Chinese Language Major,  
  • French Language Major,  
  • German Language Major,  
  • Indonesian Language Major,  
  • Italian Language Major,  
  • Japanese Language Major,  
Curtin University


Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)

Thrive in an international context

Explore modern Japanese culture, develop communication skills and advance your career. Learn through innovative teaching, practical resources and in-depth insights into Japanese social and business practices.

100% online

3 years full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

La Trobe University


Diploma of Arts

Start with the subjects you’re passionate about

Follow your interests on this humanities pathway into university. Choices range from languages to history, politics, and philosophy. Pick up important skills like critical thinking and collaboration. Shape your future in the arts and social science.

100% online

1 year full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Curtin University


Bachelor of Arts (Chinese)

Explore the language, culture, and society of China

Study Chinese culture and business practices. You’ll develop your Chinese language skills from beginner to advanced. Expand your world view. Communicate across cultures. Start to think about engaging with the Chinese community.

100% online

3 years full time or part time equivalent

No ATAR required. Start with a subject.

Discover 299 ways to study languages with leading Australian universities.

Explore languages courses

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Languages study FAQs

Boost your career with a language

A second language can enhance your career options.

If you’re looking to work overseas, or for a multinational within Australia, extra languages on your CV help you stand out. If there’s a particular country or region you’d love to work in, picking up one of the local languages is a smart idea.

By choosing language electives or minors, you’ll make your degree as unique as you are and gain a competitive edge. Many undergraduate degrees offer this opportunity. Look for courses that include free-choice subjects (as opposed to mandatory) that let you pursue your interests.

National languages of Asia

I want to learnWe recommend exploring 
Arabic - the common language of the Arab world and the liturgical language of IslamArabic courses
Auslan - Australian sign languageAuslan courses
Burmese - the official language of MyanmarBurmese courses
Gamilaraay - an Indigenous Australian languageGamilaraay courses
Hindi - the official language of IndiaHindi courses
Indonesian - the official language of IndonesiaIndonesian courses
Japanese - the official language of JapanJapanese courses
Korean - the official language of North Korea and South KoreaKorean courses
Mandarin - used in China, and the world's most spoken native languageMandarin courses
Mongolian - the official language of MongoliaMongolian courses
Persian - the mother tongue of more than 150 million people in the Middle EastPersian courses
Tetum - a language of Timor-LesteTetum courses
Thai - the national and official language of ThailandThai courses 
Tibetan - a language of TibetTibetan courses
Tok Pisin - an official language of Papua New GuineaTok Pisin courses
Vietnamese - the national and official language of VietnamVietnamese courses

Classical and ancient languages to study

I want to learnWe recommend exploring
Arabic - the common language of the Arab world and the liturgical language of IslamArabic courses
Gamilaraay - an Indigenous Australian languageGamilaraay courses
Ancient Greek - one of the most important languages of the ancient worldAncient Greek courses
Hebrew - the classical Hebrew languageHebrew courses
Latin - a classical language and discover the blueprint of modern western languagesLatin courses
Literary Chinese - the language of the classical period of Chinese literatureLiterary Chinese courses
Sanskrit - a classical language of IndiaSanskrit courses

Popular European languages

I want to learnWe recommend exploring
French - the official language of FranceFrench courses
German - the official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and LuxembourgGerman courses
Greek - the official language of Greece and CyprusGreek courses
Italian - the official language of ItalyItalian courses
Spanish - the world's second-most spoken native languageSpanish courses
Portuguese - the native language of Brazil and PortugalPortuguese course
Turkish - the official language of TurkeyTurkish courses

Student stories and study advice

What is Auslan? Here are 7 facts to know

It’s a beautiful, complex and creative visual language that uses hand shapes, facial expressions and body language. And no, it’s not just English conveyed through signs.

How long does it take to learn a language?

It’s an impressive skill, and a surefire way to make your resume stand out; but is it possible to learn a new language without around the clock study? We chat to an expert to find out.

What is TESOL?

Want more than a traditional teaching career? Life as a TESOL teacher could be the ideal path for you. Let's explore what this teaching specialty is, and why it can lead to opportunities all over the world.

Why now is the best time to learn a language

Still on the fence about pursuing that Mandarin or Spanish course you’ve been contemplating for years? Here’s why we think you should enrol now and never look back!

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