How to become a minister of religion

Provide services and spiritual information and act in social justice or poverty alleviation programs.

What does a minister of religion do?

Ministers of Religion are spiritual leaders tasked with performing the duties ascribed to them by particular religions or faith traditions. They may be responsible for performing services, providing spiritual formation for members of their congregation, acting in social justice or poverty alleviation programs, or liaising with members of the wider community.

Duties and tasks

  • Develop, coordinate, or work for social outreach or social justice programs.
  • May proselytize or evangelize, depending on the religion.
  • Perform marriages, funerals, and other special religious ceremonies according to tradition and ecclesiastical and civil law.
  • Prepare sermons or services and deliver them for the congregation.
  • Provide emotional support and spiritual activities for members of their particular congregation.
  • Teach or coordinate religious education classes.
  • Work with musical directors to plan music for services.

Industry bodies

 Related jobs

  • Chaplain
  • Clergyman/woman
  • Imam
  • Minister
  • Monk
  • Pastor
  • Priest
  • Rabbi
  • Religious leader
  • Salvation army officer
  • Welfare caseworker
  • Youth worker

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