Policy analyst

Policy Analysts analyse policies and their effects to direct government and organisation programs and operations. They offer strategic policy and planning advice for organisations and should have excellent analytical abilities and an understanding of organisational policies and objectives.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse anticipated impact and financial circumstances, effect on other programs and political and administrative achievability of policies
  • Evaluate existing policies and legislation to ascertain inconsistencies and out-dated requirements
  • Implement and oversee research and analysis projects to evaluate socio-economic and commercial trends with organisations expectations of programs and services
  • Prepare analyses of policy options for organisations as well as recommendations for policy development and modifications
  • Serve as a reference and expert in the field on policy, program and legislative matters, working with government officials and stakeholders
  • Work with other Managers and Board Members to outline goals and objectives and develop strategic policies to meet those objectives.

Skills required

  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Organisational Skills
  • Strong Writing and Communication Skills
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Policy Analysts typically work regular Monday to Friday hours, but may be required to work evenings or weekends to meet deadlines, attend meetings and complete reports. They typically work in indoor office settings and may need to travel lightly to attend conferences and meetings with stakeholders.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Management 

Planning Institute of Australia 

The Financial Planning Association of Australia 

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