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Whether you’re interested in politics, languages, history or literature, studying humanities and social sciences will help you develop an understanding of the world you live in and the events that have helped form the present.

Emma studied psychological sciences with Swinburne University through Open Universities Australia

Humanities & social science degrees

Undergraduate GRF-ART-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts

Postgraduate CUR-GEO-GCE-2023

Graduate Certificate in Geography

Undergraduate UNE-MDL-DIP-2023

Diploma in Modern Languages

Postgraduate MAQ-HIS-GCE-2023

Graduate Certificate of Ancient History

Undergraduate MUR-ASD-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts (Sustainable Development)

Undergraduate CUR-ENG-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts (English and Cultural Studies)

Postgraduate ACU-THE-MAS-2023

Master of Theological Studies

Humanities & social science subjects

Undergraduate UNE-RELS182-2023

World Religions Today

Related degrees

Undergraduate MUR-COD301-2023

Indigenous Community Development

Undergraduate GRF-LCS32-2022

Australian Literature and History 1930 to 1990

Undergraduate MAQ-PHIX3056-2023

Contemporary Topics in Philosophy and Ethics

Related degrees

Undergraduate USA-POLI1019-2023

Politics and Citizenship in Australia

Related degrees

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