Paper Wood Processing Machine Operator

There are many different types of Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators, from sawmill machine operators to lumber graders. Paper and wood processing machine operators may glue, cut, create wood chips, trim, splice, sand, and repair various types of wood and may also prepare timber, logs, etc.

Duties and tasks

  • Abide by all safety regulations surrounding equipment
  • Other wood processing machine operators create wood chips, plywood, waferboard, etc. and preserve/treat wood as well
  • Paper Machine operators supervise and run a variety of finishing and papermaking equipment
  • Paper converting machine operators manufacture and assemble paper bags, boxes, or other paper products
  • Pulp mill machine operators monitor and run mixing tanks, screening equipment, digesters, and other pulp-producing machinery
  • Sawmill machine operators saw, plane, and trim rough lumber and split and saw shakes/shingles with automated equipment

Skills required

  • An industrial first-aid certificate may be required
  • Employers may provide formal and/or on-the-job training
  • Experience in operating a variety of machinery as a utility maintenance worker or labourer
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Use of logic, reasoning, and critical thinking

Working conditions

Working conditions vary according to the job. Some workers may be employed in hot, noisy areas, though modern ventilation equipment combats some of these issues. Shift work is common, with the typical workweek about 35-40 hours long.

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