Factory Worker Food Drink

Factory Workers in the food and drink industry produce and prepare food and beverages for distribution and sale. They must perform repetitive work while adhering to quality and safety standards, and they may also have to monitor and maintain machinery and equipment; these tasks require increased concentration. Depending on the factory, employees may work with products such as alcoholic beverages, fruits and vegetables, grains, sugar, dairy products, meats, baked goods, and confections. Knowledge of health and safety regulations is imperative.

Duties and tasks

  • Adjusting ingredients, processing practices, or packaging when needed
  • Inspecting operations, products, and packaging
  • Maintaining and cleaning equipment and facilities
  • Measuring and adding ingredients and preservatives; this can include weighing, incorporating, heating, and cooling
  • Packaging and shipping or storing finished products
  • Using equipment and tools, as well as operating machinery for preparation and processing

Skills required

  • Ability to follow Safety Standards
  • Concentration
  • Fit and Able to Perform Physical and Repetitive Tasks
  • Monitoring Operations and Machinery
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Understanding of Health and Safety Regulations

Working conditions

Factory Workers in the food and beverage industry work indoors: the specific kind of environment they work in depends on what type of product is being produced. For example, a worker might be employed in a grain mill, a winery, or a brewery. The various tasks workers must perform require them to use tools, equipment, and machinery in a safe and efficient manner. Because of this constant exposure to large machinery and sharp tools, risk of injury and illness in this career is higher. Temperatures in the factory may vary due to heating and cooling processes. They may work shifts and nights in a general Monday through Friday work week.

Professional associations / Industry information

AgriFood Skills Australia
Manufacturing Skills Australia
The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

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