Telecommunications Trade Worker

Assist with the installation and maintenance of telecommunication devices and networks.

Duties and tasks

  • Assist in the installation of telecommunications devices including computers, phones, radios, printers, etc with all necessary parts and programs
  • Creating, running, and installing cable to televisions, appliances, and telephones
  • Replacing faulty items to maintain working systems
  • Testing equipment to make sure it is in working order prior to installation
  • Working with cables and sheaths in a safe and regulatory based manner

Skills required

  • Ability to locate and fix faulty wiring or other components or telecommunication devices
  • Ability to maintain safety while installing devices that may mean being under buildings, on roofs, or in small areas
  • Ability to maintain switchboards and other complicated products
  • Communication skills to explain what needs to be completed to supervisors or work with clients on updates and corrections
  • Strong hand-eye coordination to work with small and large wires, plugs, and circuits

Working conditions

Telecommunications Trade Workers are assistants to engineers that are involved with telecommunication devices and as such will work the hours assigned by the company. This is typically a job with a long day and possible nights, weekends, and holidays. The job is likely to require working outdoors, in tight spaces, or in offices at some point.

Professional associations

Engineers Australia
The National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)

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