Surveyor's Assistant

Surveyors Assistants assist surveyors as they operate survey instruments, compile notes and enter data into computers. They work under the supervision of surveyors.

Duties and tasks

  • Assists in setting, operating and dismantling equipment
  • Collects and labels samples
  • Cuts branches and removes shrubbery that might interfere with the surveying process
  • Maintains equipment and vehicles used for surveying purposes
  • Performs routine tasks as assigned by the surveyor

Skills required

  • Experience operating surveying instruments
  • Flexibility and willingness to do whatever needs to be done
  • Good physical shape
  • Pays attention to details
  • Strong communication skills

Working conditions

Surveyor Assistants usually work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. A lot of their time is spent outdoors regardless of the elements. Longer work days might be required based on needs. For example, aerial photography works best when trees are barren, thus a Surveyors Assistant might work additional hours in late fall or early spring.

Professional associations / Industry information

Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW

Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria

Spatial Industries Business Association

Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute

The Institution of Surveyors

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