Pest Controller

Those who work as Pest Controllers spray gases or chemical solutions to kill insects or set traps to kill mice and vermin. Pest controllers go to private residences or public places to do this, and they often spray around the infested building as well. They often travel throughout the day to different public and private buildings and other areas.

Duties and tasks

  • Cut openings into buildings to treat infested buildings as necessary
  • Determine treatment types according to vermin/insects being targeted
  • Drive truck equipped with extermination equipment
  • Prepare and clean-up treatment areas
  • Record work activities performed
  • Set mechanical traps or spread poison to kill rats and other vermin
  • Spray or spread chemical gases, powders, and solutions into the rooms of buildings or the surrounding exterior of these buildings
  • Pest controllers may also address solely exterior areas

Skills required

  • A valid drivers license is usually required as part of this position
  • Ability to make the best decisions regarding the use of chemicals/ substances to treat problem areas
  • Basic math skills
  • Knowledge and understand of the structure of chemicals and substances used and their potential harm to humans
  • Mechanical knowledge of tools and machines as necessary
  • No formal education is required, but certification is

Working conditions

A good bit of travel is required each day to several different treatment sites. Pest controllers are very active at these sites and often must crawl in tight spaces, kneel, or bend. They usually wear protective gear including goggles and gloves.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Ltd (AEPMA)

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