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Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations

Undergraduate | GRF-BPS-DEG | 2024

A double degree in business and politics

Learn the workings of business and government for broad career options in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Focus your skills and knowledge with majors including international business, economics, public policy, and more.

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Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations

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About this degree

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Entry requirements

Career opportunities

Graduates will develop the competencies required for pursuing a career in government, or organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors that work closely with government.

The Bachelor of Business will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in the following fields:

Asian Business

You could find career opportunities in government, businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organisations, news and media organisations, and the education industry in Asia.

Behavioural Science

You could find career opportunities in government, private enterprise and not-for-profit organisations across various disciplines including marking and advertising, human services, healthcare, economics, policy development, research and evaluation of programs and services.

Business Analytics

You'll be at the forefront of tomorrow's business decisions by acquiring a 'common language' understandable by both data scientists and business management. You may find roles in analytics and strategy across the spectrum of industry; government, private sector and not for profit, as companies look to gain strategic advantage from data-led decision making.

Employment Relations

You may find opportunities to work as an employment relations manager or consultant, or in roles dealing with workplace planning and policy, managerial strategy, industrial advocacy, occupational health and safety, and workplace negotiation.


You will be well prepared for an exciting career working for event and conference organisers in the sport, tourism, marketing, media and cultural sectors as well as coordinating and managing government event portfolios.

Financial Crime Investigation and Compliance

You will be prepared for a range of career paths, including roles in financial crime compliance, sanctions management, anti-bribery and corruption compliance, investigation of anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF), forensic accounting, data management and analysis, risk management, regulatory advisory, fraud prevention, and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. These career opportunities are available in various sectors, including finance and banking, law enforcement, and regulatory bodies.

Human Resource Management

You will graduate with a degree recognised by the Australian Human Resources Institute and be equipped for a career as a human resource manager or consultant. Human resource professionals work in many sectors including business management, counselling, workforce planning and policy, and recruiting and training staff for the public and private sectors and non-government organisations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As a graduate of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, you'll be able to create and develop innovative ideas that enable scale and societal impact. You will have an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, ways to identify or create opportunities, and the strategic and operational issues in firm creation. Create your own career by starting your own lifestyle or high-potential startup, be entrepreneurial while working in a family business or being an intrapreneur within someone's business.

International Business

You will be prepared to work with international trade and investment organisations or in the public and private sectors in management, strategic planning, research, corporate government relations, global operations and public relations.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

You may find opportunities to work as a logistics and supply chain manager, purchasing manager, business or strategy manager, or export and import operations manager. These career opportunities exist in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business management knowledge to an area of personal interest and find opportunities in roles such as a business manager in human resources, strategy, planning and policy, and training and development.


You will be able to work in any industry or organisation that needs to promote its products or services, including entertainment and fashion, tourism, advertising, public relations, and business consulting. You might work as a brand manager, marketing manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, public relations manager, or sales manager.

Real Estate and Property Development

The property sector is expanding in Australia and around the world, creating a wide range of employment opportunities in the commercial, residential and tourism sectors of the real estate and property management industries. You will be prepared for a career in property finance, development and investment, real estate agency management, project management, and marketing and promoting real estate.

Sport Management

Sport is big business. You could find opportunities in government departments, local, national and international sporting clubs and event management organisations. You may also find opportunities in sport tourism, marketing, media and athlete representation.

Sustainable Business

Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are hiring sustainability and corporate social responsibility specialists. The growing trend in consumers demanding sustainable, ethical products and services has seen businesses place sustainability and social benefits within their core values. These new business models means that leaders and managers need to know how the financial bottom line relates to other important elements of business; and how to transform traditional models to capitalise in the current environment. As this field continues to grow, you will find more and more career opportunities in a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors and with non-government organisations.

Tourism and Travel

With this qualification, you could travel the world. Tourism managers are employed by destination marketing organisations and all levels of government throughout Australia and internationally. You will be prepared for work related to major tourism infrastructure and planning projects, shaping the visitor experience in tourism destinations.

Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations

Graduates of Political Science and international relations programs at Griffith have gone on to pursue a range of exciting careers, from international diplomacy and policy analysis to international business, from roles in local and national government to staff roles with Australian and international non-governmental organizations, and international organizations. Numerous Queensland and national parliamentarians and cabinet ministers have studied politics at Griffith.

Professional recognition

Depending upon your choice of Business major, you may be eligible for admission to one or more of the following professional bodies:

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Australian Market and Social Research Society
  • Australian Society of Sport Administrators
  • The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
  • International Special Events Society, Queensland Chapter
  • Pacific Asia Travel Association
  • Sports Management Association of Australia and New Zealand

Career outlook

General Managers:
Unknown average
Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers:
$93K to $120K
Unknown average
Policy and Planning Managers:
Over $120K
Public Relations Professionals:
$93K to $120K

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