Science and engineering

Give free rein to your inquisitive mind 

Cultivate regional crop fields of Australia, drive traffic management strategies for the world’s largest cities, or build human-centred communities connecting people and place.

Grow an appreciation for laboratory or field research, draw on a designer future as an architect, or explore the origins and evolution of life on Earth. Sample food science and technology, crunch statistics and analytics, tackle road design or invent a sustainable engineering practice. 

Make discoveries, build products, devise solutions, forge breakthroughs, solve equations, challenge existing beliefs, save energy, experiment and find alternatives.

Science & engineering subjects

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Exciting, diverse and transformative careers

Science and engineering innovations improve people’s lives and transform industries. Lead a life of discovery, innovation and evolution. 

Discover a career in science and engineering and find solutions to issues impacting people’s lives and the environment. Choose from a vast array of specialisations across multiple industries.