Secondary education courses

Choose a secondary teaching degree to inspire the next generation of leaders

Study secondary teaching degree online and you can impact the lives of students from year 7 through to year 12. Help them understand concepts, achieve their study goals, and ultimately become the people they want to be.

What you’ll learn from a course in secondary school education:

Choose a secondary teaching degree, and you’ll cover a range of topics to build your confidence as a teacher. These include:

  • How to manage learning environments – A bachelor of secondary education will help you build skills in building and maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment for your future students.
  • Who you would like to be as a teacher – Form your educator identity throughout your secondary teaching degree – including your academic integrity and folio.
  • How to explore topics for the curriculum – Gain confidence in preparing lesson plans that address the needs of the major of your teaching degree.
Louise - Studied secondary education with Curtin University, through Open Universities Australia.

Secondary teaching degree specialisations

Where you take bachelor of secondary education is up to you. That's the beauty of the profession.

Choose to specialise in teaching a particular topic you’re interested in—forming your career around your passions. You might choose to teach an area such as:

  • the arts
  • English
  • humanities
  • social sciences (geography)
  • mathematics
  • physical education
  • science

Of course, there are endless other fields, such as drama, home economics, woodwork and more.

Yes, practicum placements are required to be completed during education degrees across Australia—including online courses.
Some degrees will allow you to study more than one specialisation. You may also find that you can end up teaching other specialisations if you have a relevant major.
Yes. In fact, completing a teaching degree online prepares you for the modern workforce as a teacher. Today’s teachers are expected to deliver material using online tools and environments. What better way to learn that by completing online education yourself?

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