How to become an agricultural or forestry scientist

Research and analyse plants, farming, and cultivation methods to improve and enrich forestry and agriculture.

What does an agricultural or forestry scientist do?

These scientists advise and work alongside agricultural stakeholders, including farmers, to further the agricultural industry and ensure long term growth and sustainability. They typically spend their time between working outdoors completing investigations and field work, and working within an office or laboratory environment

Duties and tasks

  • Assist and support data collection and analysis for project work.
  • Gather, collect and maintain samples and record results.
  • Cultivate an in-depth knowledge of farming techniques.
  • Build a knowledge and awareness of soil and favourable conditions for crop production.
  • Oversee and project manage research sites including budget management, equipment management and supervision of staff.
  • Perform in-depth research on factors that may affect farm production such as disease and insect and pests related problems.
  • Provide technical support and research knowledge.

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