Technician (Architectural, Building and Surveying)

Architectural, Building, and Surveying Technicians are available to assist in completing technical aspects revolving around construction or other building sites. This may include planning jobs and costs or estimating the amount of various resources for the completion of a job. Each type of technician will complete the same basic jobs, but often for different job types.

Duties and tasks

  • Assessing job sites for safety issues or concerns during and after building
  • Bidding construction jobs for construction managers, architects, or surveyors as an assistant
  • Creating plans and projections in cost to carry out plans
  • Inspecting work sites during all phases of a project, including material acquisition
  • Surveying land plots and assessing value or drawing maps based on the surveys

Skills required

  • Ability to create and draw maps
  • Ability to edit existing plans to client or company specifications as needed
  • Knowledge of how to implement and adhere to codes of practice in construction
  • Numerical and calculation skills to assess cost, materials, and labor for perspective job sites
  • Skills necessary to inspect projects and materials to keep within safety and regulation standards

Working conditions

Architectural, Building, and Surveying Technicians will spend a mix of time indoors and out. Assessing jobs may include being outdoors in all-weather types on construction of surveying jobs or could mean indoor work to inspect indoor plumbing fixtures. Office time will also be needed to create maps, edit plans, and place bids on possible jobs. Time spent on site and in the field will vary, but is most likely in daytime hours.

Professional associations / Industry information

Building Designers Australia (BDA) 

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) 

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