Tilers Assistant

Tilers Assistants need to have a basic knowledge of many construction skills as they may be expected to perform jobs that include plumbing, building, tiling, and much more. This is a very hands-on and often labour intensive career.

Duties and tasks

  • Follow safety rules and regulations to complete jobs in a safe manner
  • Installation of items needed to complete a given job (water heaters, pipes, heating/air-conditioning units, etc.)
  • Loading or unloading building supplies, materials, and tools
  • Repairing buildings, pipes, floors, and other structures as needed by the general contractor
  • Using machinery such as saws, levels, tile cutters, and nail guns to secure tiles or other materials

Skills required

  • Ability to install basic home items in a proper manner
  • Ability to lift and move materials and supplies safely
  • Ability to take direction from others and follow directions as needed for each job site
  • Basic mathematical skills used for measuring are a must have
  • Knowledge of basic construction skills are necessary (sawing, shaping, measuring, nailing)

Working conditions

Tilers Assistants have a job that encompasses many skills that may be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor work is likely, but not in bad weather as this is the enemy of the construction worker. Indoor work can be completed in all weather and will take place in homes, businesses, and other structures. Hours will vary based on the actual job and timeline that has been put in place.

Professional associations / Industry information

Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council CPSISC represents the workforce training and skills development needs of the construction and property services industries. 

Master Builders Australia Master Builders is the major Australian building and construction industry association. 

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