Tiler (Roof)

Roof Tilers are the brave individuals who climb on rooftops to tile and create a waterproof barrier between the great outdoors and the interior of a home or other building. Roof tilers may work with shingles, metal sheets, or tiles as desired by the client.

Duties and tasks

  • Create bids appropriate for perspective jobs at reasonable and competitive prices
  • Create watertight barriers between the outdoors and interior of various buildings through tiling
  • Follow safety rules and regulations to move tile or other materials to rooftops
  • Measure, cut, and prepare tile, sheet metal, or tile to fit the designated area
  • Using machinery such as saws, levels, tile cutters, and nail guns to secure tiles or other materials to a roof

Skills required

  • Ability to lift and move loads of tile in a safe manner, to high heights
  • Basic mathematical skills used for measuring are a must have
  • Knowledge of basic construction skills related to tiling are necessary (sawing, shaping, measuring, nailing)
  • People skills are necessary in working with current and potential clients
  • Writing and bidding skills to properly price and accept jobs on budget

Working conditions

Roof Tilers will work outdoors. The ultimate goal is to provide a barrier between weather and the interior of a building, so outdoors are a necessity. However, it is unlikely that holidays or weekends will be worked unless the job is bid in such a way. Weather will determine work as bad weather may create emergency situations, but a roof is unlikely to be tiled or replaced in bad weather.

Professional associations / Industry information

Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council CPSISC represents the workforce training and skills development needs of the construction and property services industries. 

Master Builders Australia Master Builders is the major Australian building and construction industry association. 

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