Solid Plasterer

Solid Plasterers work to apply and fix plasterboard on a variety of structures in homes, businesses and other buildings. Plaster is applied and fixed in areas, ranging from wall partitions to tiles. In addition, plasterers can work to apply and fix plaster to both the interior and exterior of structures.

Duties and tasks

  • Applying and finishing different materials that are bonded with plaster. These materials include fireproofing materials as well as insulating and acoustic materials.
  • Applying decorative textures
  • Applying plaster to a range of different areas
  • Installing installation to areas
  • Measuring areas to determine fit
  • Working to cover join areas as well as nail holes
  • Working to determine plasterboard layout

Skills required

  • Ability to consider various outcomes and look to select the most appropriate actions
  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  • Being able to understand complex problems and how to find their solutions
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Thinking critically and using logic in order to find solutions to issues that arise

Working conditions

The work conditions for Solid Plasterers can be demanding, as they are required to spend a good deal of their day performing similar tasks repeatedly. Standing for hours and applying plaster is at the heart of this profession. Work for Plasterers can occur both indoors and outdoors. As a result, they have to face a variety of potential harsh weather conditions, such as exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures.