Precision Metal Trades Worker

Precision Metal Trades Workers can include such positions/titles as gunsmith, engraver, locksmith, saw maker and repairer, clock and watch maker and repairer, etc. These individuals create, assemble, take care of, and repair metal precision instruments. Tasks differ greatly depending on ones specific title.

Duties and tasks

  • Assemble parts and sub-assemblies of firearms, locks, watches, etc.
  • Calibrate precision instruments using standard measures and weights, hand tools, and jigs and fixtures to align and adjust parts and small balancing weights
  • Inscribe specialty letters, designs, and figures on trophies, jewellery, and other special items
  • May change locks, install security systems, cut keys, and open stuck locks
  • Prepare quotes/estimate costs for repairs

Skills required

  • Excellent hand-eye coordination/attention to detail
  • Good at working with ones hands, with tools as necessary
  • Must be able to work full-time during the day and attend classes at night while training if required
  • Troubleshooting/repair skills
  • Usually must complete trade apprenticeships (classroom and on-the-job training) for up to five years, typically paid positions

Working conditions

Weekly hours for Precision Metal Trades Workers are slightly above average, but these positions are often in rather comfortable/safe environments. Precisions metal trades workers typically work inside in comfortable environments.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Engravers and Signmakers Association 

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union 

Locksmiths Guild of Australia 

Manufacturing Skills Australia 

Master Builders Association 

Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia 

Related jobs and job titles

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  • Engraver
  • Fitter
  • Gunsmith
  • Locksmith
  • Metal Machinist
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