Labourer (Building and Plumbing)

Building and Plumbing Labourer's perform the manual labour associated with buildings and water drainage and pipe systems. They may have to prepare sites before building by clearing and levelling the ground and working for long hours in the outdoors.

Duties and tasks

  • Assemble and take down structures to assist in the safe building and maintenance of work such as scaffolds
  • Carry out a variety of tasks associated with the proper preparation, assembling and building of structures
  • Effectively operate a variety of machines including concrete mixers to pour groundwork
  • Install and repair pipes, valves and water systems including toilets, sinks, showers, etc.
  • Level ground, dig holes and remove unwanted soil, rocks and other materials from building sites
  • Provide maintenance on storm drains and sewage structures
  • Transport and organise building tools, equipment and construction materials to and from work site

Skills required

  • Attention to Detail and Able to Follow Instructions
  • Communication Skills
  • Organisation Skills
  • Physical Fitness and Manual Agility
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Building and Plumbing Labourer's typically work varied schedules according to building needs and schedules or repairs needed. They may need to work late evening or early morning hours if construction is needed in highly populated areas. They are required to do heavy lifting and manual labour and should be able to withstand hot and sometimes uncomfortable working conditions.

Professional associations / Industry information

Master Builders Australia 

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) The AIB is the leading institute for building and construction professionals

The Housing Industry Association 

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