Backhoe Operator

Backhoe Operators manoeuvre and operate backhoe equipment in a variety of construction settings to dig trenches and ditches, as well as move and load dirt, soil and other debris from sites. They play a pivotal role in construction sites and must be efficient at operating backhoes and adhere to safety regulations to ensure the safety of all present.

Duties and tasks

  • Drive and manoeuvre backhoes to required location and position backhoe to perform work
  • Evaluate verbal instructions as well as drawings and blueprints outlining specific location needed to dig trenches or remove materials
  • Level ground, dig holes and remove unwanted soil, rocks, debris and other materials from sites according to project needs
  • Manually operate controls inside vehicle to manoeuvre backhoe, lowering and raising it as needed to gather and discard materials and handling attachments
  • Provide basic maintenance and inspection of backhoe vehicles and inform superiors of malfunctions
  • Transport debris, rock, soil and other materials to dump sites or designated locations
  • Work with construction or workers to clear areas where backhoe operates and ensure safety of all personnel and general public

Skills required

  • Attention to Detail and Able to Follow Instructions
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Organisation Skills
  • Skilled Backhoe Operator
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Backhoe Operators typically work Mondays to Fridays according to construction needs. They operate large equipment, driving, manoeuvring and operating controls. They work in construction sites or other similar labour, building, road and repair work.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Building 

Master Builders Australian 

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