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  • Media, Communication and Languages
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  • Australian Catholic University

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  • Biblical Hebrew A

    ACU-THEL500 | Postgraduate

    Begin your journey to understanding and reading Biblical Hebrew. Familiarise yourself with the Hebrew alphabet. Grasp basic vocabulary and syntax. Explore the differences and similarities between Biblical Hebrew and other Semitic languages.

  • New Testament Greek B

    ACU-THEL626 | Postgraduate

  • Biblical Hebrew B

    ACU-THEL625 | Postgraduate

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  • New Testament Greek A

    ACU-THEL505 | Postgraduate

  • Latin B

    ACU-THEL503 | Postgraduate

    Broaden your studies of Ecclesiastical Latin. Pull apart complex liturgical texts, hymns and poetry written in Latin. Read missives from the Church fathers. Familiarise yourself with advanced Ecclesiastical Latin grammar, morphology and syntax.

  • Latin A

    ACU-THEL502 | Postgraduate

    Immerse yourself in Ecclesiastical Latin and examine its relationship with English.Pore over and translate original Latin texts. Dig into the fundamentals of Latin's syntax. Flip open the Latin Bible. Translate English constructions into Latin.

  • Biblical Hebrew B

    ACU-THEL501 | Postgraduate

    Continue to broaden your Biblical Hebrew vocabulary. Draw on a variety of translation approaches and convert passages from the Hebrew Bible into English.Speak to some of the exegetical arguments that populate the field of Biblical Hebrew studies