Why work at OUA?

At OUA you're rewarded for your expertise, your hard work and your talent. We aim to attract and retain the very best people and we do it by offering the following (and more):

A chance to make history

In many ways we consider the industry frontier to be our natural habitat. We've always enjoyed exploring the uncharted terrain of this brave new world of online education. As an employee you'll rarely be treading on old ground, meaning you have the opportunity to be a part of history.

A culture of diversity and unity

When you come to OUA you join a group of people whose backgrounds are diverse, but who share a belief in the power of education. You join a culture built upon optimism and fuelled by the energy and enthusiasm of those who are a part of it. You join a workplace where innovation isn't a buzzword - it's a way of making students' experiences easier and more enjoyable.

A great location

Our head office is located on Collins Street, in Melbourne's Docklands. Enjoy the convenience of a tram stop on the doorstep, and Southern Cross Station just minutes away. When you work at OUA, you're just moments away from the CBD, and within walking distance of Etihad Stadium, South Wharf, and the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Pay, performance and incentives

Our success wouldn't be possible without the creativity and dedication of our employees. We recognise this in several ways, including annual performance-based incentives, as well as other individual forms of recognition.

Getting the balance right

All work and no play... you know how it goes. At OUA we understand how important it is for our employees to get away from work from time to time to relax and recharge. We offer employees a number of leave options, including annual leave, sick leave, carers' leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and adoption leave. 

OUA empoyees can also purchase additional annual leave, making work life more flexible for employees with family commitments, who are studying, or whose extracurricular interests make extra leave a major benefit.

Health and wellbeing

Offered each year, OUA Health Assessments help identify ways you can improve and maintain your health and wellbeing.

The Global Corporate Challenge is an annual 16-week program designed to get employees physically active and make movement a lifestyle habit.

OUA employees also have access to gym membership discounts.

Career and development opportunities

At OUA, ambition isn't a dirty word. We know that in many cases, the best employees are the ones itching to take the next step up in their careers, so we're always keen to help our people get ahead.

We provide employees at all levels with the opportunity to learn new skills through formal education and courses. Apart from monetary assistance (such as fee discounts), you'll have access to paid study leave, unpaid study leave and paid leave to attend examinations.

Leadership opportunities

We do more than talk about leadership - we invest in it. In fact, we've established a Leadership School to nurture current leaders and develop future ones, making OUA a great place to work if you have management ambitions. This centre of excellence helps participants share best practices and experiences, as well as strengthen their professional networks within the organisation.

Find out more about working with us at our LinkedIn Careers page.