Courses & units

Swinburne University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Astrobiology and the Origins of Life
AST80001 Swinburne SP1
Astrophotography & CCD Imaging
AST80002 Swinburne SP1
Cosmology and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
AST80003 Swinburne SP1
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way
AST80004 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Exploring the Solar System
AST80005 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Galaxies and their Place in the Universe
AST80006 Swinburne SP1 SP3
History of Astronomy
AST80008 Swinburne SP3
Major Project - Computational Astrophysics
AST80011 Swinburne SP3
Major Project - History of Astronomy
AST80012 Swinburne SP1
Major Project - Observational Astronomy
AST80013 Swinburne SP3
Planetary Science
AST80015 Swinburne SP1
Stellar Astrophysics
AST80016 Swinburne SP3
Studies in Space Exploration
AST80017 Swinburne SP1
Tools of Modern Astronomy
AST80018 Swinburne SP3