Courses & units

RMIT University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
CPA Ethics and Governance
ACCT2270 RMI Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis
ECON1315 RMI Sess2
Accounting, Accountability and Society
MPAC10 RMI Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Assurance and Forensic Accounting
MPAC110 RMI Sess1
Business & Corporations Law
MPAC20 RMI Sess1
Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting
MPAC30 RMI Sess2 Sess3
Accounting Thought and Ethics
MPAC50 RMI Sess1
Economic Analysis for Business
MPAC60 RMI Sess2
Financial Decision Making
MPAC70 RMI Sess1
Taxation Law and Practice
MPAC90 RMI Sess3
Financial Analytics for Managerial Decisions
OMBA780 RMI Sess1 Sess2