Courses & units

Curtin University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Architecture and Interior Architecture Studio
BAS110 Curtin SP1 SP3
Technology of Design
BAS120 Curtin SP2 SP4
Understanding Architecture
BAS130 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architecture Habitation Studio
BAS140 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Habitation Methods
BAS145 Curtin SP2 SP4
Residential Construction
CME101 Curtin SP1 SP3
Construction Industry Management
CME103 Curtin SP2 SP4
CME104 Curtin SP2 SP4
Introduction to Building Measurement
CME105 Curtin SP1 SP3
Commercial Construction
CME106 Curtin SP1 SP3
Site Management
CME107 Curtin SP2 SP4
Construction Law
CME108 Curtin SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Architectural and Spatial Grammar Studio
BAS200 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architecture and Spatial Grammar Methods
BAS205 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Technology in Context
BAS210 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Histories of Illusion, Power and Imagination
BAS220 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architecture Contexts Studio
BAS230 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Contexts Methods
BAS235 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Technology and Making
BAS240 Curtin SP1 SP3
Australia, Architecture and Identity
BAS250 Curtin SP2 SP4
Building Measurement 1
CME201 Curtin SP1 SP3
Construction Plant and Equipment
CME202 Curtin SP1 SP3
Specialised Construction
CME203 Curtin SP2 SP4
Building Services
CME204 Curtin SP2 SP4
Building Information Modelling
CME205 Curtin SP1 SP3
Building Surveying 2
CME206 Curtin SP1 SP3
Construction Project Safety Management
CME207 Curtin SP2 SP4
Cost Planning
CME208 Curtin SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Architectural Discourse and Spatial Intelligence Studio
BAS300 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Discourse and Spatial Intelligence Methods
BAS305 Curtin SP1 SP3
Environmental and Technological Systems in Architecture 1
BAS310 Curtin SP2 SP4
Urban Contexts
BAS320 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architecture Design and Technical Integration Studio
BAS330 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Design and Technical Integration Methods
BAS335 Curtin SP2 SP4
Environmental and Technological Systems in Architecture 2
BAS340 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architecture, Theory and Critique
BAS350 Curtin SP2 SP4
Infrastructure Construction
CME301 Curtin SP1 SP3
Civils and Service Measurement
CME302 Curtin SP1 SP3
Project Delivery Systems
CME303 Curtin SP2 SP4
Quality in Construction
CME304 Curtin SP2 SP4
Contract Administration
CME305 Curtin SP1 SP3
Construction Planning and Scheduling
CME306 Curtin SP1 SP3
Cost Management 3
CME307 Curtin SP2 SP4
Construction Estimating
CME308 Curtin SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Construction Risk Management
CME401 Curtin SP1 SP3
Project Development and Appraisal
CME402 Curtin SP2 SP4
Integrated Construction Project 1
CME403 Curtin SP1 SP3
Facilities Management
CME404 Curtin SP2 SP4
Construction Project
CME405 Curtin SP3
Integrated Construction Project 2
CME406 Curtin SP4
Sustainable Construction
CME407 Curtin SP4
Building Dissertation 1
CME408 Curtin SP3
Building Dissertation 2
CME409 Curtin SP4