Preparatory & Pathways

Take your learning up a notch by starting early

Prepare yourself for study with targeted units to refresh your study skills. Give yourself the advantage and gear-up for your larger units of study now.

OUA Pathways

Want to study but not sure where to start? OUA Pathways gives you a structured start to your studies by recommending the four best units to start you off. When you finish, you'll have a broad choice of courses to move into in your area of interest.

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Preparatory (PREP) units

To help you get your online studies off to a smooth start, OUA offers four Preparatory (PREP) units. Students who take a PREP unit are one and a half times more likely to pass their undergraduate units than those who don’t.

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English language test preparation

Get ready for your IELTS test with these interactive online units designed to help you develop skills and strategies to improve your English language test preparation.

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Bridging units

If you need to brush up your general academic skills or gain knowledge in a specific subject area before starting your course, try one of our bridging units.

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