Postgraduate units in Health

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Organisation of Health Care Systems
HTHM502 Curtin Sess1
Health Service Quality Development
HTHM503 Curtin Sess2
Leadership In Health Care
HTHM504 Curtin Sess1
Health Services Management
HTHM601 Curtin Sess2
Health Policy
HTHM801 Curtin Sess1
Introduction to Health Economics
HTHM802 Curtin Sess1
Principles of Health Planning and Evaluation
HTHM803 Curtin Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Diversity and Difference in Health Promotion
MPH517 Curtin Sess1
Public Health Practicum (previously Professional Practice in Public Health)
MPH518 Curtin Sess2
Public Health Project
MPH519 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Mental Health Promotion
MPH520 Curtin Sess1
Physical Activity and Health
MPH521 Curtin Sess2
Introduction to Health Promotion
MPH522 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Principles, Practice and Evidence in Health Promotion
MPH580 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Contemporary Practice in Health Promotion
MPH590 Curtin Sess2
Health Sciences Research Project
MPH600 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
International Health and Primary Health Care
INH110 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries
INH120 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
International Nutrition
INH130 Curtin Sess1
Sexually Transmissible Infection and HIV: International Perspectives
INH140 Curtin Sess2
Research and Evaluation in International Health
INH150 Curtin Sess2
Refugee and Migrant Health
INH160 Curtin Sess1
Ethics in International Health
INH170 Curtin Sess1
Indigenous and Global Health
INH190 Curtin Sess2
Health Research Professional Project Development
INH200 Curtin Sess2
Evidence Informed Clinical Practice
INH210 Curtin Sess1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Health Research Methods
MPH401 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Concepts in Health Promotion Planning
MPH402 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Public Health Nutrition Principles
MPH403 Curtin Sess2
Foundations of Public Health
MPH404 Curtin Sess1
Environmental Health Management
MPH405 Curtin Sess2
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
MPH406 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
MPH501 Curtin Sess2
Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
MPH503 Curtin Sess1
Health Impact Assessment
MPH509 Curtin Sess2
Health Promotion Strategies and Methods
MPH510 Curtin Sess1
Media Impact on Public Health
MPH511 Curtin Sess2
Evaluation of Health Promotion
MPH513 Curtin Sess2
Politics and Power in Public Health
MPH515 Curtin Sess2
Environmental Health Risk Assessment
MPH516 Curtin Sess1
Public Health Special Topics
MPH585 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Public Health Response to Climate Change
MPH682 Curtin Sess2
Applied Biostatistics
MPH700 Curtin Sess2