CHCFC514A - Support Emotional and Psychological Development in Middle Childhood - 2013

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Unit summary


  • Level of Study: Vocational Education, Training
  • Study load: 0.058 EFTSL
  • Delivery method: Fully Online
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Government loans available: None
  • Availability for 2013: SP3
  • Assessment: Assessment (100%)

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2013 Fees
Domestic 250.00
International 500.00

This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to support the emotional and psychological development of children and to promote their ethical understanding.

At the completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. encourage children's independence and autonomy
  2. foster children's self esteem and developing self concept
  3. create opportunities and provide experiences that encourage children to express their feelings, needs and ideas.
  • Assessment (100%)

There are no prerequisites for this unit.

  • Broadband access
  • Other special requirement — Provide an email address

This unit addresses the following topics.

1Plan and provide opportunities to develop self help skills and independence
2Provide opportunities for children to make choices, in appropriate ways
3Encourage children to accept responsibility for their own actions
4Empower children to make their own decisions and to participate in broader decision-making
5Involve child in increasingly more significant decision-making
6Plan opportunities for children to experience individual strengths and success
7Select experiences that present a challenge within children's emerging skills and capabilities
8Monitor child's confidence while attempting more challenging activities
9Provide acknowledgement and support if the child experiences frustration and encourage children to see 'mistakes' as opportunities to learn
10Acknowledge and appreciate children's individual and group achievements
11Design experiences to explore issues of self image and identity in ways that are appropriate to the children's level of development
12Choose learning and play resources to provide positive, non stereotypical images of children
13Provide opportunities for children to build on and extend achievements
14Provide children with opportunities to initiate and assume leadership roles
15Identify and monitor children's emotional development and expression of feelings
16Listen to and respond to children's expression of feelings and ideas
17Ensure expectations about how children express their feelings are related to child's stage of development
18Encourage and demonstrate socially appropriate ways for children to express their feelings and needs
19Provide opportunities for children to release feelings and express emotion through suitable experiences
20Encourage children to appreciate one another's achievements

This unit is delivered using the following methods and materials:

Instructional Methods

  • Standard Media

Online materials

  • Online Assessment

This unit is an approved elective in the following courses:

This unit may be eligible for credit towards other courses:

  1. Many undergraduate courses on offer through OUA include 'open elective' where any OUA unit can be credited to the course. You need to check the Award Requirements on the course page for the number of allowed open electives and any level limitations.
  2. In other cases, the content of this unit might be relevant to a course on offer through OUA or elsewhere. In order to receive credit for this unit in the course you will need to supply the provider institution with a copy of the Unit Profile in the approved format, which you can download here. Note that the Unit Profile is set at the start of the year, and if textbooks change this may not match the Co-Op textbook list.
This unit does not have a prescribed textbook(s).

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