Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Politics

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Contested Knowledges
Screen History and Research
CMM10 Griffith SP2 SP4
Australian Politics in a Global Context
POIX101 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Thinking Politically
POIX107 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Introduction to Global Politics
POIX108 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2 Sem3
Understanding International Politics
POL161 Murdoch SP1 SP2
Perspectives on Security and Terrorism
POL192 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Contemporary Issues in Australian Politics: Race, Nation, Class and Gender
POIX201 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Australian Governments and Public Policy
POIX207 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Middle-East Politics
POIX278 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
International Political Conflict: Cold Wars and Hot Wars from 1945 to the Present
POIX279 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Sex and Gender Matters
POL226 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Terrorism in a Globalised World
POL234 Murdoch SP2 SP4
International Political Economy
POL298 Murdoch SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Creating New States
POIX304 Macquarie Sem1
Australian Foreign Policy
POIX308 Macquarie Sem1
International Relations of the Middle East
POIX322 Macquarie Sem2
United States Politics: Money, Culture, Power
POIX392 Macquarie Sem2
Political Thought in Action
POIX399 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Middle East Politics and Security
POL334 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Politics and Security in SouthEast Asia: Terrorists, Gangsters and the State
POL338 Murdoch SP2 SP4
International Security Studies
POL345 Murdoch SP1 SP3