Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Writing

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Business Communication
COM12 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Creative and Professional Writing
COM14 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Approaches to English Literature
ENGX120 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Introduction to Writing
PWP110 Curtin SP1 SP3
Writing, Rhetoric and Persuasion
PWP121 Curtin SP1 SP2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
News Writing and Ethics
CJR200 Griffith SP1 SP3
News and Information Gathering
CJR220 Griffith SP1 SP3
Creative Writing: A Practical Introduction
ENGX201 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Writing the Zeitgeist
PWP210 Curtin SP1 SP3
Writing, Editing and Publishing
PWP211 Curtin SP1 SP3
Tricks of Truth and Authenticity
PWP220 Curtin SP2
Writing Magazine Features
PWP221 Curtin SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Feature Writing
CJR350 Griffith SP1 SP3
Documentary Scriptwriting
CMM37 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Drama Screenwriting
CMM38 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Writing Gothic and Speculative Fiction
CWR312 Griffith SP2 SP3
Creative Writing: Narrative and Structure
ENGX307 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Shakespeare and the Renaissance
ENGX309 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Contemporary Australian Children's Literature
ENGX310 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Victorian Literary Culture
ENGX314 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Textual Practices - Capstone Unit
ENGX389 Macquarie SP3
Genre Writing
MECX340 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Writing Creative Non-Fiction
PWP310 Curtin SP1
Writing and Research for Professional Contexts
PWP311 Curtin SP1
Writing the Past
PWP320 Curtin SP2
Writing Humour
PWP321 Curtin SP2
Advanced Editing and Publishing
PWP322 Curtin SP3
Professional Writing Placement
PWP323 Curtin SP3
Portfolio Development for Writers
PWP324 Curtin SP3