Postgraduate Arts and Humanities units - Social Work

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Foundations of Research Inquiry in Health
HSV7001 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Applied Counselling
HSV7002 Griffith Sess1
Perspectives on Disability
HSV7004 Griffith Sess2
Disability: The Inclusion Project
HSV7006 Griffith Sess2
Health and Ageing Across the Lifespan
HSV7009 Griffith Sess2
Human Services: Law and Social Policy
HSV7012 Griffith Sess1
Community Work Practice
HSV7031 Griffith Sess2
Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics
HSV7033 Griffith Sess2
Field Placement 1
HSV7034 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Contemporary Mental Health Practice
HSV7037 Griffith Sess2
Advocacy and Leadership
HSV7041 Griffith Sess1
Contemporary Issues for Children and Families
HSV7042 Griffith Sess2
Field Placement 2
HSV7044 Griffith Sess2
First Australians and Social Justice (Advanced)
HSV7047 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Foundations of Social Work Practice
HSV7060 Griffith Sess2 Sess3
Social Work Theory for Practice
HSV7061 Griffith Sess1
Contemporary Debates in Social Work Practice
HSV7062 Griffith Sess2
Critical Reflective Practice in Social Work
HSV7063 Griffith Sess2