Postgraduate units in Arts and Humanities

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Ancient Egyptian Religion
AHIX801 Macquarie Sem2
The Athenian Empire 510-404 BC
AHIX820 Macquarie Sem1
Egypt: Alexander to Augustus
AHIX821 Macquarie Sem2
The Art and Archaeology of Coptic Monasticism
AHIX855 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Architectural Culture Research Topics 1
MAA401 Curtin SP1 SP3
Advanced Applied Architectural Systems
MAA402 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Systems Research Topics
MAA404 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Culture Research Topics 2
MAA405 Curtin SP1 SP3
Urban Design Research Studio (previously MAA403)
MAA407 Curtin SP2 SP4
Urban Design Research Methods
MAA408 Curtin SP2 SP4
Complex Buildings Research Studio (previously MAA406)
MAA409 Curtin SP2 SP4
Complex Buildings Research Methods
MAA411 Curtin SP2 SP4
Architectural Professional Practice 1
MAA501 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Thesis Methods and Preparation
MAA502 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Professional Practice 2
MAA504 Curtin SP1 SP3
Architectural Thesis Project
MAA505 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3
Integrated Buildings Research Studio (previously MAA503)
MAA506 Curtin SP2 SP4
Integrated Buildings Research Methods
MAA507 Curtin SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Communication & Public Value
COM100 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Introducing Communication Studies
COM110 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Visual Culture
COM120 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communications Project 1
COM170 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communications Project 2
COM180 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communication Research Skills
COM190 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Public Writing
COM200 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communication and Cultural Tourism
COM210 Griffith Sess3
Media Ethics
COM260 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communications Project 1
COM270 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
New Television and Cultural Change
COM310 Griffith Sess1 Sess3
New Media Theory
COM360 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communications Project 2
COM370 Griffith Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Communication Management: Theory and Practice
GRAP1123 RMIT Sess2
PWR60004 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Strategic Planning 1
GRAP2371 RMIT Sess1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Human Geography
GPH510 Curtin SP1 SP3
Physical Geography
GPH512 Curtin SP1 SP3
Global Cities and Regions
GPH513 Curtin SP2 SP4
Geographies of Food Security
GPH514 Curtin SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Democracy and Dictatorship
HIST513 Curtin SP2 SP4
Interpreting History
HIST514 Curtin SP1 SP3
Twentieth Century Australia
HIST515 Curtin SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Social Impact Assessment and Cross-Cultural Negotiation
GEOX802 Macquarie Sem2
Globalisation and Sustainable Development
GEOX809 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Human Rights Theory and Philosophy
CHRE501 Curtin Sess1
Human Rights History Across Cultures and Religions
CHRE502 Curtin Sess2
Community Education and Consciousness Raising
CHRE503 Curtin Sess1
Human Rights Instruments and Institutions
CHRE506 Curtin Sess2
Human Rights and Development
CHRE507 Curtin Sess1
Refugee Rights
CHRE509 Curtin Sess1
Indigenous Rights
CHRE510 Curtin Sess2
Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change
CHRE512 Curtin Sess2
Human Rights Project Preparation
CHRE601 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Human Rights Project
CHRE691 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Information Design
INFM110 Curtin SP1 SP3
Technologies for Information Services
INFM120 Curtin SP1 SP3
Information Theory & Research
INFM130 Curtin SP1 SP3
Collection Management
INFM210 Curtin SP3
Reference Services
INFM230 Curtin SP1
Resource Description & Access
INFM240 Curtin SP3
Recordkeeping Concepts and Practice
INFM250 Curtin SP1 SP3
Enterprise Content Management
INFM280 Curtin SP3
Conservation and Preservation
INFM335 Curtin SP3
Information Literacy
INFM500 Curtin SP1 SP2
Management of Information Services
INFM510 Curtin SP2 SP3
Archives Concepts and Practice
INFM570 Curtin SP3
Advanced Discipline Project 1
INFM600 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3
Advanced Discipline Project 2
INFM610 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Shakespeare's Plays
HUM701 Griffith Sess2
Classic Russian Novels of 19th C
HUM702 Griffith Sess2
Classic Australian Novels
HUM705 Griffith Sess1
Classic American Fiction
HUM707 Griffith Sess1
Cross-Cultural World History
HUM761 Griffith Sess1
Landscape, Ecology & Empire
HUM762 Griffith Sess1
Europe in the World
HUM763 Griffith Sess2
Progressive Traditions: Aust & World
HUM764 Griffith Sess3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Health Policy
POIX825 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Biblical Studies
THBS501 ACU Sess1 Sess2
Jesus the Christ
THCT501 ACU Sess2
The Early Christian World
THCT503 ACU Sess1
Biblical Hebrew A
THEL500 ACU Sess1
Biblical Hebrew B
THEL501 ACU Sess2
Latin A
THEL502 ACU Sess1
Latin B
THEL503 ACU Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
PICX802 Macquarie Sem1
Police Leadership and Governance (Previously: Strategic Policing)
PICX806 Macquarie Sem1
Cyber Terrorism and Information Warfare
PICX808 Macquarie Sem1
Foundations of Modern Intelligence
PICX813 Macquarie Sem1
Architecture of Modern Intelligence
PICX814 Macquarie Sem2
Counter Terrorism
PICX818 Macquarie Sem2
Terrorism Dynamics
PICX837 Macquarie Sem2
Civil Wars and Insurgencies
PICX838 Macquarie Sem1
Cyber Crime (Previously: Cybercrime)
PICX840 Macquarie Sem2
Organised Crime
PICX841 Macquarie Sem2
Strategic Law Enforcement
PICX842 Macquarie Sem2
International Policing Systems (Previously: Comparative Policing)
PICX843 Macquarie Sem1
The Modern Intelligence Practitioner
PICX844 Macquarie Sem2
Practice of Modern Intelligence
PICX845 Macquarie Sem1
Cyber Security
PICX848 Macquarie Sem1
Cyber Policing and Intelligence
PICX849 Macquarie Sem2
Strategic Concepts
PICX850 Macquarie Sem1
Strategic Thinkers
PICX851 Macquarie Sem2
International Security
PICX901 Macquarie Sem2
Nuclear Weapons
PICX905 Macquarie Sem1
Asia-Pacific Security
PICX913 Macquarie Sem2
Humanitarian Intervention and Peacekeeping
PICX915 Macquarie Sem2
Australia's Strategic and Defence Policy in a Changing Asia
PICX921 Macquarie Sem1
Transnational Security in Asia
PICX922 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Foundations of Research Inquiry in Health
HSV7001 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Applied Counselling
HSV7002 Griffith Sess1
Perspectives on Disability
HSV7004 Griffith Sess2
Disability: The Inclusion Project
HSV7006 Griffith Sess2
Health and Ageing Across the Lifespan
HSV7009 Griffith Sess2
Human Services: Law and Social Policy
HSV7012 Griffith Sess1
Community Work Practice
HSV7031 Griffith Sess2
Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics
HSV7033 Griffith Sess2
Field Placement 1
HSV7034 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Contemporary Mental Health Practice
HSV7037 Griffith Sess2
Advocacy and Leadership
HSV7041 Griffith Sess1
Contemporary Issues for Children and Families
HSV7042 Griffith Sess2
Field Placement 2
HSV7044 Griffith Sess2
First Australians and Social Justice (Advanced)
HSV7047 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Foundations of Social Work Practice
HSV7060 Griffith Sess2 Sess3
Social Work Theory for Practice
HSV7061 Griffith Sess1
Contemporary Debates in Social Work Practice
HSV7062 Griffith Sess2
Critical Reflective Practice in Social Work
HSV7063 Griffith Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Developing Social Policy
SOCX810 Macquarie Sem2
North, South, East, West: Comparative Social Policy
SOCX811 Macquarie Sem1
Evaluation and the Policy Process
SOCX818 Macquarie Sem1
Doing Social Survey Research
SOCX830 Macquarie Sem2
Qualitative Methods
SOCX831 Macquarie Sem1
Social Care and Human Services
SOCX863 Macquarie Sem1
Political Economy for Social Policy and Research
SOCX865 Macquarie Sem2
Work and Employment
SOCX866 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Sports Coaching Pedagogy
EDN723 Griffith Sess2
Leadership for Sports Coaches
EDN724 Griffith Sess1
Foundations of Human Research Inquiry
HSV701 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics
HSV733 Griffith Sess2
Research Evidence and Practice
NRS721 Griffith Sess2
Sports Medicine for Coaches
PES720 Griffith Sess1
Planning Training Programs for Elite Athletes
PES721 Griffith Sess1
Performance Analysis for Sports Coaches
PES722 Griffith Sess2
Management Skills for Sports Coaches
PES727 Griffith Sess1
Sports Nutrition for Coaches
PES728 Griffith Sess2
Sports Psychology for Coaches
PES729 Griffith Sess2
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
PES732 Griffith Sess1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Statistical Practice 1
STA60001 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Basic Statistical Computing
STA60003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Research Design
STA60004 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Statistical Practice 2
STA60005 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Multivariate Statistics
STA70002 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Further Statistical Computing
STA70003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
STA70004 Swinburne SP3
Survey Sampling
STA70005 Swinburne SP3
Structural Equation Modelling
STA80003 Swinburne SP3
Advanced Topics in Regression
STA80004 Swinburne SP1
Statistical Marketing Tools
STA80005 Swinburne SP3
Using R for Statistical Analysis
STA80006 Swinburne SP1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Pathways to Sustainability
SCP522 Curtin Sess2
Urban Design for Sustainability
SCP541 Curtin Sess1
Sustainable Cities
SCP543 Curtin Sess1
Leadership in Sustainability
SCP544 Curtin Sess2
Aboriginal Sustainability
SCP545 Curtin Sess3
Climate Policy
SCP547 Curtin Sess2
Sustainable Development Goals
SCP548 Curtin Sess2
Sustainability, Climate Change and Economics
SCP549 Curtin Sess1
Sustainability Project
SCP591 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Sustainability Dissertation 1
SCP690 Curtin Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Sustainability Dissertation 2
SCP691 Curtin Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Topics in Sustainability
SCP701 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Project Management Overview
PRM500 Curtin SP3
Planning Law
URP500 Curtin SP1 SP3
Governance for Planning
URP505 Curtin SP1 SP3
Regional Planning
URP510 Curtin SP1 SP3
Development Assessment
URP515 Curtin SP2 SP4
Development Processes
URP520 Curtin SP2 SP4
Planning Theory
URP530 Curtin SP2 SP4
Introduction to Planning
URP540 Curtin SP2 SP4
Local Planning
URP550 Curtin SP1 SP3
Integrated Plan Making
URP560 Curtin SP1 SP3
Planning Dissertation Preparation
URP570 Curtin SP2 SP4
Planning for Sustainability
URP590 Curtin SP1 SP3
Transport Planning
URP600 Curtin SP2
Planning for Housing
URP620 Curtin SP4
Landscape Planning and Heritage
URP630 Curtin SP3
Participatory Planning
URP640 Curtin SP1
Planning Masters Dissertation
URP650 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Critical Friends: The Real and Virtual Support of Writers
PWR60001 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Real Life Writing
PWR60002 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Research for Writers
PWR60003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Reading and Writing
PWR70001 Swinburne SP1
Online Writing
PWR70002 Swinburne SP3
Script Adaptation: Stage, Screen and Multimedia
PWR70003 Swinburne SP1
Writing History: People, Places and Times
PWR70004 Swinburne SP2
Critical and Creative Practices: The Writerly Identity
PWR80001 Swinburne SP1
Script Writing
PWR80002 Swinburne SP2
The Creative Artefact: Publication Folio B
PWR80003 Swinburne SP2
Writing and New Media (Previously LPW703)
PWR80004 Swinburne SP3
Writing and Praxis: Publication Folio A
PWR80005 Swinburne SP1