Basic Preparatory Mathematics - 2016

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Unit summary


  • Level of Study: Non Award - Preparatory
  • Delivery method: Fully Online
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Government loans available: None
  • Availability for 2016: PT 1 , PT 3 , PT 5 , PT 7
  • Assessment: Assessment details, including dates, word limits and topics, will be provided in your study materials.

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2016 Fees
Domestic 55.00
International 55.00

Basic Preparatory Mathematics is a fully-online preparatory unit designed to enhance students’ understanding and development of the fundamental principles of mathematics in readiness for first-year university learning. The learning areas and topics covered are particularly suited to students who want to study life and health sciences.  The course is designed to identify and address gaps in understanding so that, with this grounding, increasingly complex mathematics can be tackled confidently.  Students will not only learn and practise a range of mathematical skills but will engage in an array of problem solving techniques designed to develop a more self-directed and confident learner. 

In this unit, students complete a range of learning tasks, activities and assessments at specified times under prescribed conditions. They do this on their online student portal and in collaboration with tutors and peers via the discussion forum.

This unit has a minimum recommended study load of 7-10 hours per week.

You can bundle PREP05 with any paid OUA unit and get PREP05 for free.

At the completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. understand and appreciate our number system and apply that knowledge to everyday and more complex problems
  2. use a range of problem solving techniques
  3. understand scientific notation, significant figures and SI units and use them confidently
  4. understand the theory and use of fractions, decimals, percentages and the extensive, yet limited, inter-changeability between them
  5. read, understand and solve basic equations
  6. share ideas and resources with fellow students and encourage creative, but logical, thinking with peers to deepen understanding and solve problems
  7. navigate an online classroom
  8. actively participate in an online classroom.

Assessment details, including dates, word limits and topics, will be provided in your study materials.

There are no prerequisites for this unit.

  • Additional materials — It is highly recommended that students have access to a scientific calculator as some topics require its usage.
  • Other special requirement — Students will be provided with opportunities to track their progress through formative and summative assessment tasks, at specified times, under prescribed conditions. These will be guided by their program coordinator and tutor(s).

This unit addresses the following topics.

1Number types
2Working with negative numbers
6Order of operations
7Scientific notation
9Significant Figures
12Descriptive statistics
13End of course test

Each unit offered through OUA provides students with unit information that includes assessment topics and due dates, policy information and contact numbers for university support and academic staff. Study materials will also clearly outline each week's topic, readings, student activities and the format of all assessment.

This unit does not have a prescribed textbook(s).

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