Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism) - 2012

Please note: This course has recently undergone a major change. Please refer to Transition Arrangements for more information.

This page is for past year, View 2015 course details.

Course summary

Course summary - 2012

Level: Undergraduate
Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Number of units: 20 units to complete

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What the degree is about


This Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism course was the first of its kind in Australia and is designed to provide you with an understanding of global security and terrorism concerns.

The Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism course seeks to assess historical and contemporary issues of security and terrorism and questions the understanding and responses to these occurrences.  Putting this in a contemporary setting allows us the opportunity and skills to question security and terrorism in today's world so that we can seek to address these issues and learn how to solve these complex questions.

Please note: This degree is not offered in the standard level 1, Level 2, Level 3 course structure with all 24 units of equal value. Refer to the Award Requirements and Recommended Study Pattern for further information.

Today's world has seen the growth of the industry of security, within both Governments and the public and private sectors.  Increasingly, global businesses require staff who understand the complexity of security and terrorism, who can address a country, state or business's counterterrorism needs both effectively and with a high level of sensitivity.

You may choose to pursue employment in a range of Government agencies, such as the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, AusAid, Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Defence, Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, the Attorney-General's Office and so on.  There is also a demand for knowledgeable graduates across the private sector, with companies whose interests focus globally, particularly in areas where security and terrorism has been a recent and volatile issue.


(Commonwealth supported places)

In order to be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place, students must meet the following requirements:

  • 4 OUA Undergraduate units at pass level OR equivalent

To learn more about Commonwealth supported places, please see Commonwealth supported places. 

Murdoch University’s undergraduate degrees have a course structure that is different from the standard OUA undergraduate degree.

• The standard university undergraduate degree in Australia as offered through OUA requires the completion of 24 units of equal value.

• This Murdoch University degree calculates the award requirements in credit points only and students can complete this undergraduate degree with fewer than 24 units. Although there are fewer units in a Murdoch degree, the cost is the same as for other OUA degrees.

• The units in this degree are:
3 credit point 0.125 EFTSL units which are equivalent to all the standard university undergraduate units offered through OUA with the same OUA unit fee.
4 credit point 0.167 EFTSL units which are unique to Murdoch University and have a higher OUA unit fee than the standard university undergraduate unit fee. The higher unit fee is because of the higher EFTSL value and is in proportion to the number of units students need to complete a Murdoch degree.

To get the most from this course, students are recommended to follow these steps:

PART 1 (total of 24 points)

  • Students who have not studied at university before, are recommended to start with SSK12 Introduction to University Learning as one of their Part 1  electives.
  • Complete one Foundation unit from ISU102,  ISU103, ISU110, or ISU111 (3 points).
  • Complete three Part 1 core units (9 points).
  • Complete one specified elective (3 points) in the major.
  • Complete a maximum of three Part 1 or Level 1 elective units (9 points) from any OUA unit.

Please note: All Murdoch Part 1 units are 3 point units which are the same as all standard OUA units.

PART 2 (total of 48 points)

  • Complete  two Part 2 core units (8 points)
  • Complete four Part 2 specified electives (16 points)
  • Complete Part 2 electives. (24 points)

Please note: All Murdoch Part 2 units are 4 point units and not standard 3 point OUA Level 2 and 3 units. Students may include non-Murdoch Level 2 and 3 units but these are not 4 point units and will not be credited as equivalent to a Murdoch 4 point unit in this degree.

To qualify for the Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism) students must complete 72 credit points.
• This requirement is structured into 24 points of Part 1 units and 48 points of Part 2 units.
• Students can only include one Foundation unit in the degree.
• The degree will normally take three years for full-time students, but part-time students may take up to ten years to complete the course.

Please refer to Special Requirements for further information about unit details and fees for this course.
Students are recommended to Register in this course before starting their Part 2 units to receive enrolment advice from Murdoch University.

Units of Study



Students select three electives from any OUA unit, and are highly recommended to include SSK12 as one of their Part 1 electives.
Please note: Students may not complete additional Foundation units as electives towards the BA (Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism) degree.


Students are recommended to use their Part 2 electives to study an additional major from those offered by other Murdoch degrees. All Murdoch Part 2 units are 4 point units.

BA (STC) students interested in studying non-Murdoch 3 point units as Part 2 General electives in their degree should contact Murdoch for enrolment advice

Please note: OUA students interested in studying any Murdoch 4 point units as electives towards a non-Murdoch degree should contact their University for approval before enrolling in the unit. 4 point units have a higher unit fee because of their higher EFTSL and this may have credit implications if completed for a non-Murdoch degree.

Complete 1 unit from the following 4 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Food for Thought
ISU102 Murdoch - - SP3 -
Knowing Nature
ISU103 Murdoch SP1 - SP3 SP4
Australia in Asia (Previously PTR120)
ISU110 Murdoch - SP2 SP3 -
ISU111 Murdoch - SP2 - SP4

Total number of units to complete: 3 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Perspectives on Security and Terrorism
PTR100 Murdoch SP1 - SP3 -
Asia-Pacific in the Global System
PTR161 Murdoch SP1 - SP3 -
Ideas in Action
SSH100 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4

Total number of units to complete: 1 unit Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Sociology and Everyday Life
SOC105 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4

Students may select their Level 1 or Part 1 General Electives from any OUA unit. However, it is highly recommended that one of these units be SSK12 Introduction to University Learning.

Total number of units to complete: 2 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Terrorism in a Globalised World (Previously PTR300)
PTR293 Murdoch - SP2 - SP4
International Security Studies (Previously PTR200)
PTR291 Murdoch - SP2 - SP4

PART 2 Murdoch units are 4 point units and not the standard 3 point OUA units

Complete 4 units from the following 4 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Knowledge and Information Security (Previously PTR220)
ICT265 Murdoch - SP2 SP3 -
Australian Foreign Policy (Previously PTR310)
PTR239 Murdoch SP1 - SP3 -
Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Conflict (Previously PTR330)
SSH229 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4
Spies, Saboteurs and Secret Agents (Previously PTR210)
HIS230 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4

PART 2 Murdoch units are 4 point and not the standard 3 point OUA units

  Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Society, Culture and Ecology in Asia
ASN250 Murdoch SP1 - - -
Social Research Methods
SOC222 Murdoch Coming in 2013
Community Work Across Sites, Settings and Peoples
COD235A Murdoch - SP2 - SP4
Overseas Aid and International Development (Previously COD204)
AID204 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4
Australian Youth Culture
COD230A Murdoch - SP2 - SP4
Projects in Community Development
COD324A Murdoch - - SP3 SP4
Community and Social Policy
COD355A Murdoch - SP2 - SP4
Authoritarianism & Democracy (Previously PTR320)
PTR257 Murdoch - - SP3 SP4

BA (STC) students complete 24 points of General Electives: any eight OUA Level 2 or 3 units OR any six Murdoch Part 2 units

Students may be eligible for credit for previous studies. When applying for credit, students will need to provide documentation, including original transcripts of academic records or certified copies, unit outlines and an explanation of the grading system. This must be sent to the Open Universities Australia Liaison Team at Murdoch University. Please note that credit cannot be gained for subjects completed more than 10 years ago. To obtain an Application for Advanced Standing Form, please email

You can pay fees in one of two main ways:

Eligible OUA students can apply for loans through the Commonwealth government's Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP), which allows you to defer your fees. You pay back the loan through your taxes once your income reaches a certain level.

There are currently two types of loan:

Loan scheme Who can access it? When can I use it? How do I find out more?
Course loan
  • Australian citizens
  • Permanent humanitarian visa holders

After you've been admitted into an application course. (That's why we call it a course loan.)

If you complete units from different universities, each university will ask you to apply for HECS-HELP.

Find out more about
Unit loan
  • Australian citizens who will undertake, in Australia,
    at least one unit of study
    contributing to their course
  • Permanent humanitarian
    visa holders who will be
    resident in Australia for the
    duration of their unit
  • Permanent visa holders who
    are undertaking bridging study
    for overseas-trained professionals
    , and will be
    resident in Australia for the
    duration of their study

When you enrol in OUA units without having been admitted into an application course.

If you're studying OUA units to become eligible to apply for this course, we recommend using FEE-HELP for them. Once you've completed the units to the required standard you can apply for the course and, once admitted, switch to the course loan (HECS-HELP).

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You can pay your fees upfront - in full at the beginning of a unit - using:
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Cheque
  • Money order

You should make cheques and money orders payable to 'Open Universities Australia' and sent them to:
Open Universities Australia
GPO Box 5387
Melbourne 3001

Murdoch University has changed the BA (STC) and it is no longer offered in the standard Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 course structure with all 24 units of equal value.

From 2012 all students will be required to complete the equivalent of the Murdoch 72 points in order to obtain the Murdoch BA Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism degree with Part 1 units valued at 3 points and Part 2 units valued at 4 points.

Murdoch University is committed to the principle that existing OUA students will not be disadvantaged by the changes to the BA (STC). All previous study completed towards this degree will transition to the new degree structure.

The pre-2012 BA (STC) offered through OUA by Murdoch University required students to complete a total of 72 credit points made up of 24 3 credit point (0.125 EFTSL) units to qualify for the award. The course was structured into three levels.

From 2012 the BA (STC) offered through OUA by Murdoch University requires students to complete a total of 72 credit points to qualify for the award. The course is structured into two levels:
Part I has 3 point units (0.125 EFTSL) and requires a total of 24 points
Part II has 4 point units (0.167 EFTSL) and requires a total of 48 points

However, students must complete all required Part 1 Core units and a Foundation unit. Also, a minimum of 24 points at level 2/level 3 must consist of Murdoch University units from the core requirements.

From 2012, Part II units currently offered as 3 credit point units will be offered as 4 credit points units. Murdoch Units offered in the previous offering of this course will still be credited towards the course, but where students have completed the three point version, they will only be granted the three points for the unit.

Unregistered students who have enrolled in core units prior to 2012, will be advised to register in the degree with Murdoch University to receive a study plan to complete their degree. Registered students will be contacted by Murdoch University to provide them with information about the changes to the degree and enrolment advice to complete their degree.

FAQs for Existing Students

  • Are all units now totally different and will I need to start again? No. Although there are some new units in the course structures many units are simply recoded. For example, COD204 was recoded to AID204. If you have already completed COD204 your academic record will show that you have already completed equivalent study for AID204. However, many of the unit EFTSLs have changed so you will need to consult your course convenor for advice regarding your study plan.
  • Will previously completed non-Murdoch core units be counted as core units in the new course structures? Yes, all units identified as core units by Murdoch in the course structure will be continue to have this status.
  • Will I have to pay $250 to have a study plan sent to me? Students are recommended to register with Murdoch University before starting their Part 2 units to receive enrolment advice. A fee of $250 is payable on registration. To obtain an Application for Registration form, please email The fee is a registration fee and not a fee for doing a study plan. Many students require a study plan before deciding to register and Murdoch is quite happy to do this and will not charge them $250 for doing so.
  • If I have registered prior to the start of Study Period 1, 2012 can I continue under the old degree structure? For those students who enrolled/registered prior to Study Period 1, 2012 – all units completed prior to SP1, 2012 will be counted and any remaining core units will need to be selected from the new degree structure and used in the old degree structure as part of the transition process.