Postgraduate subjects

Upskill at a postgraduate level, without investing in a degree

Through Open Universities Australia, you can study hundreds of online postgraduate subjects without committing to a full qualification. 

Focus on what interests you, or what will benefit your career the most. Postgraduate subjects break study down into bite-sized chunks, so you can return to learning whenever you need to. 

We offer this unique enrolment option with universities across Australia. If you have a bachelor degree, or at least five years of relevant work experience, then it could be the study path for you.

Nessa upskilled in business
Nessa upskilled in business with RMIT through Open Universities Australia

Why choose an online postgraduate subject?

Choose what you want to learn from a degree, and only what you want to learn

Give postgraduate study a test run

Earn credit that can be used towards a qualification later

Finish studying within 10-18 weeks

Only pay for the skills you need, and save thousands on tuition fees

Study when you’re ready, with multiple start dates throughout the year

Browse popular topics

Postgraduate psychology subjects

Postgraduate CUR-PSB520

Psychology of Leadership

Postgraduate TAS-KHA501

Counselling Skills 1

Postgraduate CUR-PSB500

Consumer Psychology

Postgraduate CUR-PSB510

Organisational Culture

Postgraduate education subjects

Postgraduate MAQ-EDSX8000

Educational Research

Postgraduate UND-MATH5080

Teaching Methods in Mathematics

Postgraduate MAQ-EDSX8301

Inclusive and Special Education


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Frequently asked postgraduate subject questions

What are postgraduate subjects?

They’re subjects that belong to full-length postgraduate courses that you can study in isolation. The coursework is offered at a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree level. 

How does postgraduate subject study work?

Use the links on this page to compare postgraduate subjects across different universities. 

When you’re ready to enrol in a subject, you’ll need to show us you’ve completed a bachelor degree, or that you have at least five years of relevant work experience, in order to gain entry. You might also need to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

Once you're accepted, you will be a student with your chosen university. They will give you access to an online learning management system where you will complete the classwork and assessments for your subject.

How long is a postgraduate subject?
It varies between universities, but most subjects run between 10 and 18 weeks. 
Is it worth doing a postgraduate subject?

If you want to fill a knowledge gap, prepare for a return to work, or upskill for a career move, then it’s worth considering a postgraduate subject. Studying just one subject from a full-length course is a fast and cost-effective way of accessing postgraduate study. You can enrol in subjects that cover all sorts of areas, from business psychology to cyber security. 

Completing just one subject is also a smart way to sample a full-length postgraduate course. After the 10 to 18 weeks are up, you’ll have a better understanding of the readings, assessments and deadlines that are required in a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree—and you’ll know if you’re ready for the commitment. 

Why should I study a postgraduate subject online?

As an online postgraduate student, you can study when and where you like, which makes it easier to balance work and family commitments. We also don’t follow a traditional study calendar, so you can choose from start dates that suit you throughout the year. 

Can I enrol in more than one postgraduate subject?

Yes, you can enrol in up to four postgraduate subjects per study term. However, each subject will require up to 12 hours of studying per week, so it’s best to think carefully about what you can manage.  

You can also enrol in subjects across different universities. 

How much does a postgraduate subject cost?

Postgraduate subjects are full-fee courses, with tuition fees starting from approximately $2,000. During your enrolment, we’ll offer you the option to pay upfront in full, or defer your payment using a FEE-HELP student loan. If you select FEE-HELP, you will pay your tuition fees through your income tax once you’re earning over the minimum repayment threshold.

What are my options after completing a postgraduate subject?

You can: 

  • Use what you’ve learnt immediately in your current job
  • Use your new skill to apply for another job or a promotion
  • Enrol in further subjects—or even apply for a full qualification 
How do I enrol in a postgraduate subject?

We make starting a postgraduate subject as straightforward as possible.

Once you’ve found a subject you would like to do, click 'Enrol now' on the relevant subject page.

We’ll ask you to supply some supporting documentation, including proof of prior work or study, your tax file number, and a unique student identifier (USI) during this process.

Your university will get in touch with you via email to confirm whether your enrolment has been successful. We’ll still be around if you need help dealing with any administrative issues.

If I get stuck, who can I ask for help?

Reach out to us and we’ll talk you through it. We can even help you apply over the phone. 

You can also read more detailed enrolling instructions here.

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