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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. identify the practical background in labour law and the legal research, analysis and writing skills necessary for their future roles in the workplace as industrial relations, employment relations and human resource management specialists
  2. identify and describe the primary sources of labour law in Australia, the role of law in labour relations, common law and legislative rights and obligations of employees and employers
  3. identify and describe the social issues underpinning labour law and the policy issues flowing from the legal principles and case law
  4. understand how the law regulates the formation, terms and termination of the contract of employment, unfair dismissal, health & safety at work, discrimination at work, and unfair employment practices
  5. understand the statutory processes by which the parties in employment relations might reach resolution of disputes and determine conditions of employment
  6. understand the law regulating award making, bargaining and industrial conflict; and describe and analyse the dynamic nature of labour law (particularly legislation and case law) as an indicator and driver of social and political change
  7. identify and analyse the relevant legal issues in relation to legal hypothetical problems
  8. identify the material facts in a case, apply the relevant law to those facts and reach a valid conclusion
  9. understand the issues in applying labour law in organisations.
    • Skills of legal research, analysis writing
    • The evolution of Australian labour law
    • Nature of employment relationship
    • Contract of employment
    • Unfair dismissal
    • Occupational health and safety law
    • Discrimination law and the workplace
    • Role of Federal constitution
    • Collective instruments: awards & certified agreements
    • Individual agreements: Workplace Agreements
    • Unions and the law
    • Industrial action and the law
    • Conclusion
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Podcasting/Lecture capture
      • Online assignment submission
      • Web links
      • Virtual Classroom
    • Online materials

      • Resources and Links
      • Printable format materials

In order to enrol in this subject, you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:

  • GRF-EMP-GCE-2019
  • GRF-EMP-MAS-2019
  • OUA-PSU-GCE-2019
  • UNE-PRO-GCE-2019

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as IRL120.

This subject examines the system of laws governing the employment relationship in Australia, the policy issues concerning the role of law in employment relations and introduces legal research methods, interpretation of case and statute law and legal writing. It provides you with an opportunity to learn about the system of laws which regulate individual and collective employment relationships in a way which will equip you with life-long skills necessary to find and understand the law in our rapidly changing legal environment.

  • Assignment 1 (20%)
  • Assignment 2 (40%)
  • Non-Invigilated Exam (40%)

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