Engineering courses

Feed your curiosity about how things work

From forces to friction, find your engineering course through OUA. Study essential maths, chemistry and physics, then specialise.

Analyze, manufacture, and maintain engineering systems.

Figure our the business side with project management and leadership.

Understand the world and shape a better future. Engineering degrees begin with your curiosity—start your journey of discovery to destination knowledge.

Conrad studied construction management with Curtin University through Open Universities Australia

Engineering degrees

Undergraduate USA-ADE-DEG-2023

Associate Degree in Engineering

Undergraduate SCU-ENS-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Engineering Systems (Honours)

Engineering subjects

Undergraduate CUR-CME302-2023

Engineering Measurement

Undergraduate USA-PHYS1019-2023

Introduction to Engineering Physics

Undergraduate USA-ENGG1007-2023

Sustainable Engineering Practice

Undergraduate TAS-JEE151-2023

Fundamentals of Track Engineering

How to become an engineering professional

Engineer your career.

Learn how things work, and apply your knowledge in the lab, field, or workplace. Engineers research and develop, design or data mine, produce or fix, find or refine.

Unearth opportunities across multiple disciplines or specialise. This is your opportunity to improve the world and uncover its secrets.


Improve your career prospects when you study through OUA and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations.

Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the peak body of engineering, representing engineering professionals throughout Australia. You may be eligible to apply for an associate membership upon completing some engineering degrees.


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